ICAM 2021, Anaheim, California USA

ICAM 2021 will be an in-person conference with the option to attend virtually. Virtual conference attendance will include prerecorded presentations and live-streamed keynote speeches and panel sessions.

The five-day conference will include nearly 600 presentations, including more than 240 invited and 120 student presentations. It will also feature 10 panel sessions and several keynote addresses. Before the conference, four in-person certificate short courses will be held on October 31 covering an array of additive manufacturing topics.

ICAM 2021 will also include presentations of the ASTM International Young Professional in Additive Manufacturing Awards and the Awards of Excellence. The conference welcomes award nominations from the public.

Over the years, ICAM has grown to be the largest ASTM International scientific conference. This event involves numerous ASTM technical committees and external stakeholders, bringing experts from all around the world to exchange the latest developments in the field of additive manufacturing with an emphasis on research to applications through standardization.

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