3D Print Show-The World is About to Change Again

The internet changed the world in the 1990’s.
The world is about to change again.

Gyroid Head

Photo Courtesy of Dr. Guy Bingham and John Atkins

Build of Shoe
Photo Courtesy of Ross Barber

On the 20th of October the doors to the 3D Printshow opened and for the first time the British public was able to glimpse the future of manufacturing and the world of 3D print.  Some of the most forward thinking minds from the worlds of technology, design, art and fashion came together to showcase truly innovative works that have only been made possible through the medium of 3D print. The 3D Printshow, held at The Brewery, Chiswell St, London, with planned highlights such as:

  • Performances from the world’s first 3D printed band, with specially composed scores from Dave Marks
  • 3D printed fashion show including bespoke work from world renowned fashion, jewellery, footwear and millinery designers, such as Daniel Widrig, Bryan Oknyansky and Amelia Agosta
  • 3D art gallery showcasing up to 50 different artworks ranging from sculpture to animation and interactive design. Workshops from leading experts including Jason Lopez, who created 3D printed body armour for the film Ironman 2
  • 3D printed “mini me’s” using body scanning technology to produce an exact replica of yourself
  • Cinema showing reels from the 3D/4D Challenge, a charity that seeks to provide low-cost 3D printed solutions to help communities in the developing world
  • Medical and Archaeological zones demonstrating the applicability of 3D print to modern medicine and historical preservation
  • 3D printed living room from chairs to table lamp

Kerry Hogarth, founder of the 3D Printshow said, “3D Printshow gives many consumers the chance to interact with 3D print technology for the first time.  3D print is no longer a distant pipe dream, it’s going to become a reality in today’s world and the 3D Printshow gives the public the chance to come and see the possibilities it offers and understand how it is going to affect their lives.”

About The Images Presented:
Dr. Guy Bingham is a Lecturer at Loughborough University’s Design School. His research focuses on the design opportunities and applications of Additive Manufacturing and Computer Aided Design. He is recognised in the field of Design for Additive Manufacture and has produced many landmark designs, including the first conformal Additive Manufacture textile dress and personalised Taekwondo torso protector. He has a growing reputation for digital art and has exhibited Additive Manufactured sculptures in the UK, US and Australia.

John Atkin is a Reader at Loughborough University’s School of the Arts. He has a recognised track record for delivering cutting edge artworks, and has been the subject of widespread media interest and editorials that focus on his work in public spaces, both in the UK and overseas. He has worked on innovative urban regeneration schemes as Lead Artist as well as signature gateway designs for projects that require distinctive interpretations of themes linked to heritage, celebration, or innovation.

Description of work:
The Gyroid Head was born out of the Bridging the Gaps EPSRC UK Government funded research award, which was awarded to John Atkin (Principle investigator), Prof Phill Dickens (Co-investigator), Dr Guy Bingham (Co-investigator) and others at the start of 2012. The remit of the award was to explore ways that research knowledge within a variety of different Departments located at Loughborough University could be harnessed to stimulate sustainable, cross-departmental practices that addressed Arts & Science collaborations.

Ross Barber
Neil Barrett AW13, Milan
London College of Fashion MA Exhibition, Victoria House
London College of Fashion MA Salon Show, V&A Museum

Description of Work:
An investigation into the development of ‘hybridism’, which as a theme is propelled by a fusion of Handmade Shoemaking and 3D print techniques. In conception, the collection of 8 hybrid Men’s Autumn/Winter fashion footwear present contemporary, iconic design solutions, balancing both conceptual and commercial design.

Our sincere appreciation to Rachel Hearne and the 3D Printshow for the opportunity to learn about this exciting event.

For futher information, please see 3D Printshow in the Events section.

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