3D Platform and NIU EIGERlab Join Forces to Advance Additive Manufacturing Education

ROCKFORD, IL (December 21, 2015) – 3D Platform is pleased to announce an agreement to join forces with Northern Illinois University EIGERlab, an innovation network, incubator, and business accelerator facility designed to help individuals and businesses develop new skills, mentor, and link qualified resources to the global marketplace.

As part of the partnership, 3D Platform and the NIU EIGERlab Center for Product Development, which has extensive experience in a range of additive manufacturing technologies, will work together to develop educational modules and curriculum designed to prepare both students entering the workplace, and those looking to advance their skills in 3D printing.

 “Additive manufacturing is that hot new thing that many people hear about but don’t understand how to apply it. So, along with NIU EIGERlab we are building modules for training and bringing the workforce up to speed with this technology,” said Mark Huebner, 3D Platform Development Manager.

The 3DP1000 fused filament 3D printer from 3D Platform provides a one of a kind platform for developing these competencies.  Its unique capability to combine printing large objects to scale, inserting metal or other objects to be encased in a print, and ability to handle core modeling allowing multiple print parameters within a single object, make it an ideal printer for developing both basic and advanced proficiencies.

Based in Roscoe, Illinois, 3D Platform is the manufacturer of the industrial strength large format 3D printer, the 3DP1000. With a big build area of 1m x 1m x 0.5 m, and base platforms starting at $20,000, the 3DP1000 significantly lowers the cost barrier for entering into large format 3D printing.  Designed by engineers and built for engineers, the 3DP1000 is the ideal solution for a wide range of applications in industrial design, rapid prototyping, product development, automotive design, architecture, stage sets, artistic development, and much, much more.

For more information about 3D Platform, please visit www.3dplatform.com

The EIGERlab Center for Product Development locations in Rockford and Loves Park will host “Innovation Tuesdays,” an informal, monthly meeting that’s open to anyone who wants to learn more about the world of 3D design and printing and the latest advanced manufacturing developments.

For more information about N.I.U. EIGERlab and future events, please visit www.eigerlab.org

Source: 3D Platform

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