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  • With ROBO 3D, the creative possibilities of 3D printing are limited only by one’s imagination

ORLANDO – May 16, 2016 – (Special to RAPID 2016, Booth 373) — ROBO 3D wants to teach you how to go from an idea, to 3D design/file finding, to 3D printing at RAPID 2016.

Booth 373
Orange County Convention Center
16-19 May, 2016

“From affordable hardware to a wide range of materials, as well as content that you can buy to print at home, ROBO 3D is offering an experience unlike the rest,” said Braydon Moreno, founder of ROBO 3D. “We make accessible hundreds of open source materials available on the market together with a large print build and the best speed in its class. We are pleased to showcase our upcoming R2 mini to the RAPID community.”

New for RAPID 2016:
The new, entry-level $599 ROBO 3D R2 mini will be previewed. The ROBO 3D R2 Mini is focused on smaller and less-complex projects. As the smallest and the most portable 3D printer in the market (10.5” cubed outside and a build size of 125” cubic inches), it boasts a minute resolution of 20 microns for smooth and highly detailed prints, while not compromising on build quality. The print speed is also the fastest in the 3D consumer space with 300mm per second and the ability to use all ROBO legacy materials, as well as open-sourced PLA, ABS and filament infused with wood, carbon and steel. The R2 Mini will come with Wi-Fi and mobile connectivity that can print directly from your smart phone. August 2016 availability.

ROBO 3D R2 Mini  (Photo courtesy of ROBO 3D)

ROBO 3D R2 mini (Photo courtesy of ROBO 3D)

A new R2 ‘pro-sumer’ printer for serious home hobbyists or small to medium business applications will be previewed. With the biggest print size in its class providing 1,000 cubic inches of build space, the fastest print speeds in the 3D consumer space with 300mm per second and the ability to print with two materials at the same time such as PLA, ABS and filament infused with wood, carbon and bronze. The ROBO 3D R2 is also made for add-ons that can extrude ceramics, food/cake decorations, as well as laser engraving. All this at a price point of under $2,000. August 2016 availability.

New DIY 3D printing kits, including a Build Your Own Drone for $99.00

In additional news, ROBO 3D will launch this month its popular R1+ 3D printer into 45 Staples stores in the United States.

About ROBO 3D
ROBO 3D, founded in 2012, empowers 3D creation with a growing line of exciting products now available in more than 2,400 cities worldwide.  With ROBO 3D, the creative possibilities of 3D are limited only by one’s imagination. Being in major retailers like Best Buy, Staples, B&H photo, and Fry’s electronics, ROBO 3D has cracked the code on helping consumers understand the power of 3D printing. Empower yourself to create something with ROBO 3D. For more information, visit http://www.robo3d.com.

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YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/RoBo3DPrinter1

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