Intermountain 3D Broadens Manufacturing Capabilities with New 3D Systems SLS 3D Printer

  • Increased capabilities have driven Intermountain 3D’s revenue 120% higher YTD

ROCK HILL, South Carolina, July 23, 2018 – 3D Systems (NYSE: DDD) today announced Intermountain 3D, Inc. – a Boise, Idaho-based service bureau – has grown its service offering and business thanks to the inclusion of new Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) printing capabilities from 3D Systems.

Intermountain 3D is not only a reseller of 3D Systems’ 3D printing technology, they are also a user – providing prototyping and production services to their customers. After engaging with 3D Systems’ On Demand Manufacturing service to provide customers with production parts, Intermountain 3D made the decision to add an SLS printer to their own portfolio. Through its complete portfolio of 3D Systems’ additive manufacturing solutions, Intermountain 3D now offers services from prototyping to low-volume production applications, reverse engineering and scan-based design, helping customers improve productivity and reduce time-to-market.

Intermountain 3D opened its doors in 2014 as a reseller of a broad range of 3D System’s 3D printing and scanning products – seeing the value of 3D printing and its power to transform the manufacturing industry. For those customers not yet ready to purchase their own printer, Intermountain 3D offers in-house printing capabilities.

“As we collaborated with our customers on their prototyping needs, we began to see more and more requests come in that went beyond just prototyping,” said Lynn Hoffmann, chief executive officer, Intermountain 3D. “We realized there was an increasing need from customers to understand how to design for additive manufacturing and to expand into 3D printing for production.”

These Cessna wing tip lenses were prototyped for Intermountain 3D’s customer AeroLEDs using 3D Systems’ SLA technology. (Image credit: Intermountain 3D, Inc.)

These Cessna wing tip lenses were prototyped for Intermountain 3D’s customer AeroLEDs using 3D Systems’ SLA technology. (Image credit: Intermountain 3D, Inc.)

Intermountain 3D’s customers range from companies that produce virtual reality equipment, human prosthetics, bronze sculptures, food processing equipment, and a variety of recreational technology manufacturers. All have unique requirements which are difficult to achieve with traditional manufacturing methods. Furthermore, these customers have very specific material needs and requirements.

In order to offer full service to their customers, Intermountain 3D augmented their in-house capabilities by outsourcing some parts to 3D Systems’ On Demand Manufacturing. “As a start-up company, it was a huge advantage to be able to lean on 3D Systems’ On Demand Manufacturing service during periods of peak capacity,” said Hoffmann. Resulting from the positive impact the production service offering made on both their customers’ businesses as well as their own, Intermountain 3D chose to invest in its own SLS 3D printer.

3D Systems’ ProX SLS printers are known for their ability to produce functional prototypes as well as end-use production parts. The printers are complemented by a portfolio of DuraForm®production-grade nylon materials that have been optimized, validated and tested to ensure quality, with uniform 3D mechanical properties. The combination of 3D Systems’ ProX SLS printers and DuraForm materials enables Intermountain 3D to produce tough, durable parts more efficiently with an overall lower total cost of operation.

“Since Chuck Hull invented 3D printing and gave birth to the additive manufacturing industry more than 30 years ago, we have helped a variety of businesses transform their workflows to maintain competitive advantage,” said Phil Schultz, senior vice president, general manager, on demand manufacturing & plastics, 3D Systems. “We are pleased to see Intermountain 3D mature their customer offering. By redefining, enhancing and expanding their own workflow with our additive manufacturing capabilities, Intermountain 3D is able to help its customers grow as well This is yet one more real-world example of the power of additive manufacturing to transform businesses.”

“We’ve experienced tremendous growth in our business through the assistance of 3D Systems,” said Hoffmann. “Year-to-date, we’ve seen a 120% increase in revenue, and the demand for production SLS printing in our market continues to increase. We look forward to the continued growth of our business, and the continued success of our collaboration with 3D Systems.”

Forward-Looking Statements
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About 3D Systems
3D Systems is the originator of 3D printing and an innovator of future 3D solutions. It has spent its 30-year history enabling professionals and companies to optimize their designs, transform their workflows, bring groundbreaking products to market and drive new business models. This is achieved with the Company’s best of breed digital manufacturing ecosystem. It’s comprised of plastic and metal 3D printers, print materials, on demand manufacturing services and end-to-end manufacturing software solutions. Combinations of these products and services address a variety of advanced applications- ranging from Aerospace, Automotive, and Consumer Goods to Medical, Dental, and Jewelry. For example, 3D Systems’ precision healthcare capabilities include simulation, Virtual Surgical Planning, and printing of medical and dental devices as well as patient-specific surgical instruments. More information on the company is available at

Source: 3D Systems


  1. “We realized there was an increasing need from customers to understand how to design for additive manufacturing and to expand into 3D printing for production.” I have read this. May I ask you a question ? Now that 3D system has helped us resolved many product problems, but as time goes by, what difficulties or problems they will faced with in the next deveopment of stage. Any industry developed some degree of levels, they all will encounter with problems like this. I think it is worth thinking by us…Thanks for your sharing….

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  5. I am very much impressed with the Capabilities of New 3D Systems SLS 3D Printer. I really love how I can transfer any design to an object with that much ease. one thing I am worried about is can I connect this 3d printer with my iPhone

  6. With SLS 3D printers you can create high-resolution nylon parts up at seven times faster than other 3D printers. SLS printers also reduces your production costs, streamline the testing process and cut material it is one the best 3D Printer present in the market.

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  8. Since Chuck Hull developed 3D printing and brought forth the added substance fabricating industry over 30 years prior, we have helped an assortment of organizations change their work processes to keep up the upper hand,” said Phil Schultz, senior VP, general administrator, on interest producing and plastics, 3D Systems. “We are satisfied to see Intermountain 3D develop their client advertising. By rethinking, improving and extending their very own work process with our added substance fabricating capacities, Intermountain 3D can enable its clients to develop too. This is yet one all the more certifiable case of the intensity of added substance assembling to change organizations.

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