RAYLASE Will Present Three Product Innovations at the LANE Conference 2018 in Fürth, the Conference Showcasing the Latest Developments in Laser Material Processing

  • RAYLASE GmbH is attending this year’s LANE CONFERENCE in Fürth (Bavaria), where it will welcome visitors to its own stand.


Wessling, Germany, Dienstag, 28. August 2018 – From 3 to 6 September 2018, you will have the opportunity to chat with product manager Wolfgang Lehmann at the stand and gain an overview of the laser solutions that are possible with RAYLASE technology.

We will also present the following hardware at our stand and will be happy to provide trade visitors to the LANE CONFERENCE 2018 with all the information they need about the various application scenarios:

The AM-MODULE NEXT GEN for fiber-coupled lasers features homogeneous power density and exceptionally low drift values. It enables ultradynamic, rapid processing with flexible spot diameters. Full digital, model-based control is ensured with absolute precision.

SUPERSCAN IV-15 (with wafer tuning)
To enable the high-quality yet time- and cost-efficient production of powerful wafers, RAYLASE optimized the SUPERSCAN IV-15 specifically with these applications in mind, as they require the highest possible positioning speed. One example of a trend-setting application is the manufacturing of photovoltaic wafers using the PERC technique. The SUPERSCAN IV-15 WAFER’s model-based digital control offers maximum speeds of up to 200 rad/s.

The SP-ICE-3 control card is a universal solution for all laser systems with deflection units. The many automated functions on the control card make it suitable for universal use, as well as extremely functional and user-friendly, even with very specialized applications.

And, thanks to the .NET programming environment and extensive program library, even the most complex applications can be implemented quickly with this control card.

RAYLASE GmbH, founded in 1999 and ISO-certified since 2006, offers high-precision components, control cards and software for the fast deflection and modulation of laser beams. With over 100 employees worldwide, RAYLASE stands for innovative technology, the highest quality standards and customer proximity as a value we put into practice every day.

Our components comprise top-quality optical elements, galvanometer scanners and control electronics with an intuitive software interface. They form the cornerstone of industrial laser systems for scanning printed codes, marking textiles and surfaces, welding metal plates and plastics, and cutting and drilling semiconductor wafers and materials such as metal, plastic or glass. Our current focus markets are additive manufacturing, welding in different industries and various applications such as marking, cutting and perforating, for example, in the packaging industry.

Our customers are companies from a wide range of industries. The electronics, automotive, photovoltaic, textile and packaging industries are using lasers to replace traditional production processes or to implement entirely new ones. In addition, increasing numbers of new industries are discovering the innovative potential of this technology every day. That makes RAYLASE a player in an important global growth market. www.raylase.de

Source: RAYLASE GmbH

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