RIZE Unveils Smart Spaces for Innovation, Powered by XRIZE, the First All-in-One Desktop Industrial 3D Printer


WOBURN, Mass. March 27, 2019 – RIZE, Inc., a Boston, USA-based, next-generation additive manufacturing company, has introduced Smart Spaces for Innovation. Smart Spaces are ‘connected, interactive and intelligent environments’ and have been identified by Gartner as one of the top ten technology trends for 2019.

RIZE has launched Smart Spaces for Product Innovation, Manufacturing Innovation and Service Innovation. These spaces integrate innovative approaches in design with safe, easy and full-color 3D printing, creating intelligent parts which can be digitally connected to AR/VR technologies, blockchain and intelligent systems. With Smart Spaces, companies can accelerate innovation, improve productivity and cut costs by up to 90%.

Smart Spaces in Product Innovation create new haptic experiences for design engineers and enable acceleration of time-to-part with increased iterations. Full-color parts enable design and simulation to be on the same page. Generative shapes can be rapidly validated to create new and lightweight designs.

Smart Spaces in Manufacturing Innovation for manufacturing and tooling engineers enable cost reductions of up to 90% by producing custom tools, jigs and fixtures, low volume parts and reduce errors in the engineering-to-manufacturing handoff.

Photo courtesy of RIZE Inc.

Photo courtesy of RIZE Inc.

Smart Spaces in Service Innovation for service engineers enable increased uptime of the plant and equipment by on-demand printing of spare parts and reduce locked capital through digital inventories.

Smart Spaces, Powered by XRIZE, the industry’s first all-in-one desktop industrial 3D printer, allows, for the first time, carbon composites and voxel-level full-color and digitally augmented parts in engineered polymers on a single platform. Smart Spaces include a license of SOLIDWORKS Standard.

“XRIZE is a game changer for this industry. RIZE continues to expand the definition of desktop industrial 3D printing with unprecedented capabilities, such as full color, composites, digital augmentation and increase the value for end users.” said Andy Kalambi, President and CEO of RIZE.

RIZE will simultaneously launch Smart Spaces, Powered by XRIZE, to the North American market for the first time at AMUG in Chicago, March 31-April 4, 2019 in RIZE booth P18 and in the Dassault Systèmes booth, Hall 6/Booth K30, at Hanover Messe, April 1-4, 2019.

About RIZE
RIZE Inc. is a Boston, USA-based, next-generation additive manufacturing company defining Desktop Industrial 3D Printing. RIZE™ released its first product, RIZE™ ONE, which is winning industry and customer accolades. RIZE won a 2019 Frost & Sullivan award for ‘Best Practices in Technology Innovation in the Zero-Emission Polymer Material Additive Manufacturing industry’ and IDC name RIZE a ‘2018 Innovator in 3D Printing.’ Prestigious organizations like NASA, US Army, US Navy and Merck have chosen the product for supporting their additive manufacturing needs.

RIZE’s unique patented Augmented Deposition technology, combining material extrusion and material jetting, is an industry breakthrough. With this hybrid technology, RIZE™ delivers industrial-strength parts with zero labor applied to post processing, complete authentication and trust by printing text, images and QR codes. RIZE also delivers materials that are safe and recyclable. RIZE ONE, the first product based on this technology, released in 2017, is in operation at numerous customer sites across the world and XRIZE™, released in 2018, is the world’s first Desktop Additive Manufacturing platform that builds functional carbon fiber and full-color parts.

RIZE additive manufacturing solutions combine simplicity, speed, safety, strength and security, all at the most competitive price point in the industry. For more information, visit www.rize3d.com.

Source: RIZE

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