CRP Technology Welcomes Windform® P1, the Inaugural New-Born PA from the P-LINE Family of Materials for High Speed Production-Grade 3D Printing


Italian-based CRP Technology, market leader in AM technology, launches a new range of materials for professional 3D printing: the Windform® P-LINE.

P stands for Production”, commented Franco Cevolini, VP and CTO at CRP Technology, “we created this new range of materials for High Speed Sintering, the new 3D printing process we integrated in-house: Windform® P-LINE materials combined with HSS technology, allows for the manufacturing of small 3D printed production components.

Photo courtesy of CPR Technology

Photo courtesy of CPR Technology

“Our aim” stated Franco Cevolini, “is to constantly creating technological breakthroughs.   We invest in Research and Development as well as new technology: with Windform® P-LINE, we want to provide even more tangible, turnkey solutions which can satisfy any customers’ requirements.”

“Today”, Franco Cevolini added, “I’m very proud to launch Windform® P1, the first material from Windform P-Line”.

Windform® P1 is a PA material with superior mechanical properties, isotropic; it has been engineered for a faster production of small end-use parts in higher volumes at lower cost, with detailed surface resolution. Furthermore, the quality and properties are similar to injection molding.

Windform® P1 is PA with superior mechanical properties:

  • Isotropic material (X, Y, Z axis);
  • High flexibility;
  • Insulation (CTI rating of 600)
  • Full density
  • High recyclability

Windform® P1 offers potential for applications in the automotive, electrical, consumer and household goods industries.

“We are pursuing non-stop innovation on the road to high tech for production manufacturing” Franco Cevolini stated. “Stay tuned for our constant evolution”.

Source: CRP Technology

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