RAYLASE to Present its Products and Solutions at LASER World of PHOTONICS in Munich

RAYLASE will present its latest products and the solutions that can be implemented with them – for example, in the solar industry, additive manufacturing or the e-mobility market – at LASER World of PHOTONICS in Munich from 24 to 27 June 2019. RAYLASE is also celebrating the 20th anniversary of its establishment this year. To mark this special anniversary, RAYLASE will treat all visitors who come along to Stand 306 in Hall A3 to a personalised barista coffee.  

The RAYLASE team is looking forward to presenting its innovative solutions for laser applications. The following highlights are in store for industry experts attending LASER World of PHOTONICS:

Premiere – HIGH POWER WELDING MODULE with laser wavelength 420 – 480 nm
In the e-mobility market, two “dissimilar” (i.e. different) materials are used for through-plate connection of the cell connectors of the battery pouch cells in lithium batteries. Welding ensures that both a robust mechanical connection and a very good electrical connection are created.

The absorption of the copper contact strips is significantly higher for the 420-480 nm wavelength range than for infrared wavelengths, which means that the energy can be delivered into the material using just a fraction of the laser power. This results, from the outset, in a homogeneous weld bead that penetrates the copper and bonds the aluminium – significantly improving the quality of the entire welding process.

While even better beam qualities are being demanded of laser manufacturers to enable beam modulation, RAYLASE is already offering a deflection unit that positions all required beam qualities and laser power levels on the material with absolute accuracy.

New deflection units AXIALSCAN FIBER-20 and AXIALSCAN FIBER-30 (Photo courtesy of RAYLASE)
New deflection units AXIALSCAN FIBER-20 and AXIALSCAN FIBER-30 (Photo courtesy of RAYLASE)

Premiere – AXIALSCAN FIBER-20 for additive manufacturing and AXIALSCAN FIBER-30 for additive manufacturing and welding applications in the e-mobility market.

These deflection units, which are being unveiled at LASER World of PHOTONICS in Munich, are designed to boost the productivity of AM powder bed machines and systems for welding batteries and fuel cells.

Thanks to their quadruple design, efficiency can be increased 4-fold across the process field. The units are optimised for easy integration and reliable operation, in particular in powder bed machines (SLM). Process monitoring is also integrated, so that the quality of the AM process can be checked at any time.

With its integrated fibre collimator, additional protective glass with optional monitoring, easily adapted process monitoring and dust resistance, the AXIALSCAN FIBER-30 is the ideal tool for welding in a harsh industrial environment with laser power in the multi-kilowatt range.

The RAYLASE team is looking forward to having lots of interesting conversations and encountering some new and inspiring challenges at LASER World of PHOTONICS in Munich. RAYLASE has prepared a little surprise for users of social media – simply follow the company on Facebook, LinkedIn, XING and Twitter for more information.

RAYLASE offers high-precision components for fast deflection and modulation of laser beams. These comprise top-quality optical elements, galvanometer scanners and control electronics with an intuitive software interface. Customers across the globe rely on the unique performance and reliability of our deflection units. These components form the cornerstone of industrial laser systems for scanning printed codes, marking textiles and surfaces, welding metal plates and plastics, and cutting and drilling semiconductor wafers and many other materials, including metal, plastic or glass. RAYLASE also develops and manufactures intelligent solutions with machine vision for the setup, automation and monitoring of laser processes and for additive manufacturing. For more information, please see http://www.RAYLASE.com.

Source: RAYLASE, GmbH

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