Game Changer Metal 3D Printing Reaches Europe Thanks to CRP Meccanica and VELO3D

The Modena-based CRP Meccanica, company leader in the field of High-Precision CNC Machining, has become the exclusive distributor for Italy of VELO3D Metal printers. Engineer Franco Cevolini, CTO and President at CRP Meccanica: ” We will work alongside the customer by offering them sales and after-sales support, service and maintenance, and support during the production phase

Modena, Italy, 18th January, 2021 – CRP Meccanica – a leader in High-Precision CNC Machining service with 20 years of experience in the field of metal additive technologies – is pleased to announce it has signed a distributorship agreement with VELO3D, as the exclusive distributor for the Italian market and an account distributor for Europe of VELO3D High-Performance SupportFreeTM Metal 3D printers.

CRP Meccanica will also provide constant technical assistance to the customer and support also for backup in case of production downtimes or production peaks.

Engineer Franco Cevolini, CTO and President CRP Meccanica, states: “We are creating a revolution in manufacturing technology. The experience and credibility the whole world recognizes in CRP Meccanica will help VELO3D transform the Italian and European metal 3D printing market.

We are ready to embrace this new cutting-edge technology, combining it with the expertise gained over 50 years of activity serving the most demanding industrial sectors and delivering extraordinary results. The skills of the CRP companies combined with VELO3D ‘s advanced technology will give life to an unprecedented, unique technological point of reference in the world.

“I strongly believe in this project. VELO3D ‘s Sapphire® Metal Additive Manufacturing solution is the next generation in metal laser powder bed fusion, is a real game-changer, and can make the difference in many high-level industrial fields.”

Photo courtesy of VELO3D
Photo courtesy of VELO3D

VELO3D’s unique additive manufacturing capabilities allow for the production of parts that cannot be made via any other technology—including most current AM systems. It alleviates the designer from the constraints of Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM), meaning that engineers can now get the parts they really need, not just the parts advocated by commodity AM and DfAM practitioners. VELO3D’s capabilities uniquely enable designs with overhangs down to zero degrees, allowing the most challenging and revolutionary projects to come to life. VELO3D empowers manufacturers to address the most difficult manufacturing challenges through its next-generation Sapphire® metal additive manufacturing solution with support-free production.

It overcomes the “45 degree rule” for conventional AM which recommends supports for any surface less than 45 degrees. VELO3D frees designers to build the impossible – unlocking a wealth of designs that can now be produced with additive technology.

This intelligent, integrated suite of software and hardware enables the seamless end-to-end workflow, enhanced geometric flexibility, agility, traceable part quality and accuracy, decreased production time and reduced cost of parts and ownership that manufacturers demand. It was invented to solve the hardest-to-solve problems in manufacturing, and it is taking metal additive to a new level of performance and power.

Franco Cevolini adds: “Metal AM systems must address the challenge of support structures that are added to parts. This is a constraint: these supports need to be removed so this requirement adds steps throughout the workflow that negatively affect time, cost and quality.

VELO3D has solved the issue, making advanced Metal AM a SupportFreeTM technology, suitable for the most demanding industrial sectors, which must manufacture parts of the highest level. The benefit of support-less metal AM promotes innovation by removing barriers that constrain designs, processes, and business models.”

“CRP Meccanica is unique with its more than half a century of experience serving high-tech industries with precision CNC machining and advanced manufacturing processes,” says Benny Buller, founder and CEO of VELO3D. “Their 20 years working with metal AM technologies have led them to appreciate the significant technological and customer benefits that our Sapphire system represents, so they are an excellent partner for us to support the Italian and greater-European markets.”

VELO3D‘s support-less metal AM system can make the difference in Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Motorsport, just to cite a few.

The advantages of eliminating support structures from the metal AM workflow are numerous, extensive and, above all, are unique to individual companies, driven by their business conditions, goals and desires.

Shrouded impellers, heat exchangers, and manifolds are the most cited examples that would be chief beneficiaries of a support-less process with metal AM. Impellers can’t be economically printed without major modifications to the design to facilitate support structure removal. VELO3D’s technology eliminates the need for support structures, thus creating a compelling business case for parts that were previously impossible to print.

CRP Meccanica and VELO3D are shaped around continuous innovation and creation of advanced technological solutions.

Never failing its avant-garde entrepreneurial origin, CRP Meccanica is planning a second phase in which the figure of the distributor will be revolutionized: “We are planning   – Cevolini adds – to set up in our production area a “technopole”, a highly technological integrated system to offer to VELO3D customers a complete, high-quality turnkey service. “

CRP Meccanica
Founded in 1970 by Roberto Cevolini and with an entrepreneurial vanguard heritage in motorsport and F1, CRP Meccanica has become the creator of innovative and avant-garde solution in the field of High-Precision CNC Machining for complex and demanding sectors such as defense, aviation, aerospace, automotive.

Furthermore it has gained 20 year experience in the field of Metal additive technologies.

CRP Meccanica’s production area is currently made up of: a CAD-CAM Department equipped with the best CAD-CAM solutions; a CNC Machining Department with 17 milling machines 4 and 5 axes, 3 CNC live-tooling Lathes, 2 CNC lathes, 3 EDM; TIG Welding Department certified for processing complex materials and special alloys with 4 chambers in inert atmosphere with ARGON; Quality and Testing Department with 4 CMM (Control Measuring Machines) units with software for offline programming, specialized measuring instruments, Visual inspector control, Non-Destructive Tests and Instruments and Laser marking system.

VELO3D is transforming the analog supply chain to digital manufacturing. As the creator of the industry’s first SupportFreeTM solution for 3D metal printing, their product suite is an end-to-end digital manufacturing solution for producing metal parts. With VELO3D Flow™ print preparation software, Sapphire® printer, and Assure™ quality assurance software, manufacturers can accelerate product innovation, become more agile and responsive to market needs, and reduce costs. The company is based in Silicon Valley and is privately funded.

Source: CRP

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