NatureWorks Develops New Ingeo PLA Formulation for 3D Printing Break-Away Support on Dual Extrusion Printers

Ingeo 3D450 offers a clean break-away of support structures while delivering excellent precision and printability suitable for complex, professional parts MINNETONKA, Minn., March 26, 2019 — NatureWorks, the world’s leading manufacturer of Ingeo™ PLA biopolymer, introduces Ingeo 3D450, a new break-away formulation for use in Read More »

Image courtesy of NatureWorks

NatureWorks New Ingeo™ PLA Formulation for 3D Filament Offers Heat and Impact Resistance Rivaling ABS and Processes and Prints with the Ease of PLA

This Ingeo 3D grade offers PLA filament manufacturers the opportunity to expand sales into the industrial prototyping and additive manufacturing market with a unique, cost effective product that will delight customers with its overall quality, printability, and part performance MINNETONKA, Minn., February 28, 2017 — Read More »

Image courtesy of NatureWorks

NatureWorks Launches New Initiative to Support the Growing 3D Printing Market

This broad-based program from NatureWorks includes a new series of Ingeo™ formulations for PLA filament, enhanced technical support, and an in-house 3D printing and development lab MINNETONKA, Minn., May 12, 2015 — NatureWorks announced today a broad new initiative to support the growth of the Read More »

Multi-color PLA filament (Photo courtesy of NatureWorks)