AST2 Introduces INVENT3D Printer

by AST2

March 24, 2014: Applied Systems & Technology Transfer, LLC (AST2) introduced its INVENT3D Printer at America Makes’ Project Management Review Meeting in Youngstown, OH, March 18th-20th.

INVENT3D is specifically designed to integrate with AST2’s INVENTORcloud Program, a STEM education program for students K-12 as well as post-secondary schools.

In a “first-of-its-kind” unique partnership, Youngstown City School District students from Choffin Career & Technical Center and Chaney VPA/STEM High School are manufacturing the INVENT3D Printers. Students are using precision CNC machine skills, 3D printers and laser cutting equipment to manufacture printer components in an after-school jobs program.

“This is a great opportunity for Youngstown city school students to learn real-world skills that will lead to lifelong career success,” says Dr. Connie Hathorn, Superintendent of Youngstown City School District. “In addition, many of our students, as young as third grade, are taking INVENTORcloud classes that interest them in science, math and technology and teach important life skills like teamwork and communication.”

INVENT3D Printer is designed to allow teams of students to assemble, use, and then dissemble the printer for use by the next team of students.

AST2's INVENT3D Printer (Photo courtesy of AST2)

.         AST2’s INVENT3D Printer (Photo courtesy of AST2)

This immersive, hands-on experience reinforces students’ understanding of additive manufacturing, teamwork and project-based learning.

Students can use the INVENT3D Printer to build their own prototypes that they design in the INVENTORcloud courses. INVENT3D is available for use by students and teachers in classrooms and after school programs as well as summer camps, children’s museums and similar venues.

“We have developed the INVENT3D Printer to specifically address the lessons learned from more than three years’ of experience using 3D printers in the classroom as an educational tool,” states Jack Scott, President of AST2 who led the development of the INVENT3D Printer.

AST2 developed the INVENT3D Printer in its role with Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems (NGAS) which received funding from America Makes to develop processes for domestic sources of materials for additive manufacturing in support of infrastructure in air and space vehicles applications.

An element of this NGAS project is education and outreach to students and educators, providing information and creating initiatives to raise awareness of additive manufacturing and the skills necessary for this emerging industry. Additionally MakerGear, a leading 3D printer developer and manufacturer in northeast Ohio, provided technical support to AST2 with design of INVENT3D.

INVENTORcloud offers problem-based learning experience for students in a unique educational environment incorporating advanced manufacturing and engaging digital technology tools. INVENTORcloud integrates its own hardware technology with software applications such as computer-aided design programs and INVENT3D Printers to teach innovation, creativity and design while emphasizing skills like communication, collaboration and critical thinking.

INVENTORcloud courses develop learning and life skills focusing on innovation and design, entrepreneurship, advanced/additive manufacturing and environmental sustainability. INVENTORcloud’s Discovery Learning Program is offered at elementary schools where young students can use technology and INVENT3D printers to build their own designs while learning important science and math knowledge applied to authentic real world applications.

Youngstown City Schools offers INVENTORcloud courses at Chaney VPA/STEM, Youngstown Early College and Discovery @ Kirkmere. In addition, more than a dozen school districts in NE Ohio offer the INVENTORcloud Program this school year.

According to Julie Michael Smith, Executive Vice President of AST2, “The INVENTORcloud program will expand to more than 40 schools in three states for the 2014-2015 school year.”

About AST2:
AST2 is a founding member of America Makes, the first of the National Network for Manufacturing Innovation Institutes proposed by the Obama Administration. Based in Youngstown, OH, America Makes has an extensive network companies, non-profit organizations, academic institutions and government agencies collaborating to grow the United States’ capabilities and strength in 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, in materials, applications, technology development and education.

Applied Systems & Technology Transfer (AST2) provides technology solutions and professional services to government and commercial clients, offering experience in government relations, engineering, economic and business development projects.  AST2 develops and implements technologies at the nexus of education and workforce development, advanced manufacturing and cloud computing, leveraging the synergistic opportunities.

The Applied Services Group provides professional services to Government and commercial clients. The Technology Transfer Group develops technology for remote equipment operation in various environments and created the INVENTORcloud Program which offers K-16 STEM programming. Visit  for more information. The INVENTORcloud Program is available through Advanced Methods in Innovation, a non-profit organization.  Visit for more information.

241 West Federal St, Ste 508
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Julie Michael Smith
Executive Vice-President
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