The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) announces Advanced Manufacturing Conference in Buffalo

August 12, 2014, New York
–  ASME is launching a major new event, the “Advanced Design and Manufacturing Impact Forum,” to disseminate the very latest developments in design and manufacturing.  ASME, renown for setting the standard for technical excellence, is introducing a unique four day program (August 17 – 20, 2014) bringing together over 1500 of the world’s leading industry innovators, researchers, developers, and government officials to focus on the convergence of advanced design and advanced manufacturing. The conference features an impressive lineup of high-ranking industry speakers who are actively solving today’s technical challenges and paving the way to revitalize manufacturing in America.

“ASME has deep roots in setting the standard for manufacturing since the organization was founded in 1880,” says ASME President Bob Simms.  “ASME’s conferences and publications are key to communicating breakthroughs in design and manufacturing innovation that ultimately lead to making new technologies commercially attractive.”

The industry forum will focus on additive manufacturing, an emerging technology where a Computer Aided Design (CAD) design file is sent directly to a 3D printer to create finished products.  This innovation is reinvigorating manufacturing and opening up new opportunities for companies to create products when and where they are needed.  Industry leaders will also present the latest breakthroughs in computer-aided engineering, robotics, medical devices and intelligent vehicle systems.  Special sessions are planned on innovation and entrepreneurship to help businesses speed commercialization of these new technologies.

The new forum will be held in conjunction with ASME’s IDETC/CIE (International Design Engineering Technical Conference/Computer Information in Engineering), the premier international research conference in design and computer information engineering.  IDETC/CIE researchers and subject matter experts will gather from around the globe to deliver over 800 of the very best research presentations signaling the future direction for design and manufacturing.

The ASME Foundation and host sponsor, University at Buffalo (UB), are welcoming visitors to New York from all over the world with a major public exhibition at the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center (BNCC).  Over 40 major industrial, academic and government agencies will demonstrate state-of-the-art technology at the BNCC Monday through Wednesday.

“Buffalo is reemerging as a prominent US industrial and manufacturing center” says ASME Conference Chair and UB Associate Professor Venkat Krovi. ”Academic institutions and industries are coordinating efforts to educate a globally competitive workforce and to create new business opportunities based on advanced design and advanced manufacturing.”

The next Advanced Design and Manufacturing Impact Forum will be held August 2-5, 2015 in Boston, MA.

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