LUXeXceL Launches Transparent 3D Printing Service

  • World’s leading 3D printing process now easy accessible online

26th February 2015- Today, LUXeXceL launches a brand new ordering platform to improve its service. On the website users and designers can upload a file in a private and secure online environment. Once uploaded, your file will be automatically checked for printability. To gain immediate insight into the price of your product, a quote will be available automatically. With our new service, users now have the possibility to upload and order their models 24/7. Ordering customized optics and other transparent products has never been so easy.

Printed Optics  (Photo courtesy of LUXeXcel)

Printed Optics (Photo courtesy of LUXeXcel)

Transparent 3D printing goes digital
LUXeXceL’s business to business 3D printing service will bring transparent 3D printing to the optics market as well as many new markets and businesses. The entire ordering process is now digital, which gives flexibility and allows users to make orders on demand. In this way, large stocks become irrelevant.

Prototyping and testing a transparent product is easy due to rapid throughput time of LUXeXceL’s 3D printing service. Users can easily modify designs by uploading another file at the personal gallery page. This gallery contains an overview of all your uploaded designs.

President & Founder Richard van de Vrie is excited about the online ordering platform: “At LUXeXceL we strive to make our service better every day. Our new online ordering platform makes doing business with us much easier than before. The process of our new online platform is very simple: Upload your file, receive an instant quote and order your product. An easy to use and fast online ordering service to receive your optics and transparent products on demand”.

Photo courtesy of LUXeXcel

Photo courtesy of LUXeXcel

How does our upload and order process work?
After creating an account users can upload their file at the online ordering platform. Simultaneously with the upload your will receive instant feedback on the printability of the  design. Once you have uploaded a file, it will become available in your own personal gallery. On the gallery webpage you can manage all of your designs and order your product. After ordering your product it will be printed within 10 working days. Ordering tailored optics is now available 24/7.

Main benefits of LUXeXceL Printoptical Technology
This digital ordering platform enables more businesses to make use of LUXeXceL’s Printoptical Technology. The combination of the online ordering platform and a proprietary technology has several benefits. LUXeXceL’s printing technology is able to create extremely smooth prints and is suitable for products that demand the highest standard in transparency. Regular 3D printing methods display layers and are unable to deliver smooth and transparent printed products. Our 3D printers prints drop by drop in order to create an accurate and precise end-product. In this way, optical products can be printed, extremely smooth and on demand.

About LUXeXceL
LUXeXceL offers a 3D printing service for products that demand the highest standard in transparency and smoothness. The company is the only company in the world able to 3D-print transparent products, without layering and post-processing. LUXeXceL developed an additive manufacturing process called Printoptical© Technology to 3D print products which demand smooth, accurate and transparent products. LUXeXceL is a rising star in the additive manufacturing industry, with a scalable technology for transparent 3D printing. The 3rd industrial revolution has arrived and is supported by the LUXeXceL printing technology.

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