Senvol Database of Industrial Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) Machines and Materials Increases by Over 50%

  • The first and only searchable additive manufacturing database now comprises 350+ machines and 450+ materials

Additive manufacturing (i.e. 3D printing) technology is progressing at a rapid rate. New machines and materials are being introduced every month. Senvol announced the launch of the Senvol Database ( in January, and just a month later, the number of machines and materials in the database has already increased by over 50%.

The Senvol Database, which is a comprehensive, searchable 3D printing database for industrial additive manufacturing machines and materials, now contains detailed information on over 350 machines and 450 materials.

Hailed as an “Additive manufacturing information goldmine” by and a “One-stop shop for 3D printers and material specs” by Gartner, the Senvol Database is online and free to access. Users are able to search the database by over 30 fields, such as machine build size, material type, and material tensile strength.

Senvol President Annie Wang commented, “The response to the Senvol Database has been tremendous. There are already thousands of users using the database on a regular basis, and that number is growing daily.”

Senvol President Zach Simkin added, “Whether you’re new to the industry and simply want to see what machines are on the market, or an advanced design engineer who wants to search for materials by specific mechanical properties, the Senvol Database provides the information that you need, all at your fingertips.”

Feedback from its active user community is instrumental in helping Senvol to continually expand and improve the Senvol Database. Anytime users have a comment, suggestion, or idea, they are encouraged to email database(at)senvol(dot)com.

To check out the Senvol Database and start your search, visit

About Senvol:
Senvol is a services firm that conducts analytics exclusively for the additive manufacturing industry. Senvol has worked with a variety of Fortune 500 companies and government agencies in industries such as aerospace, oil & gas, consumer products, and automotive. Senvol’s founders have been published in various additive manufacturing industry journals, such as the Wohlers Report, and have been featured speakers at numerous industry trade shows and conferences. Senvol is a Gold Member of America Makes, and is also a member of the ASTM International F42 Committee on Additive Manufacturing Technologies.

Senvol is run by Annie Wang and Zach Simkin, both MBA graduates of the Wharton Business School. To learn more about Senvol, visit, or follow @Senvol on Twitter.

For media inquiries, please contact: info(at)senvol(dot)com.


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