3DPrinterOS Releases Open-Source Cloud Client for 3D Printers


3DPrinterOS announces the open-source release of their cloud client for 3D Printers. With this release it’s possible to connect potentially any 3d printer to the cloud and contributors are encouraged to add their own features, fix bugs, and customize the cloud client to fit their printers and user requirements. The cloud client is available now on Github.

The cloud client for 3DPrinterOS already supports the majority of desktop 3D printers and is being shared under the GNU Affero General Public License. The release offers access to the standard and powerful set of tools available in the 3DPrinterOS cloud platform. It’s meant for 3D printer manufacturers, developers, educators and tinkerers to access, expand and contribute to all existing features and functionality.

Image courtesy of 3DPrinterOS

Image courtesy of 3DPrinterOS

“Our goal is to radically reduce the latency between design, manufacturing and distribution of physical products, at the point of need and time of need. Connecting 3D Printers to the cloud is an essential step towards the connected factory of the future. We are excited about the opportunities this release creates for our industry and beyond,” said CEO John Dogru.

The cloud client gives manufactures and developers the power to add, modify and improve:

  • Support for Windows, Mac, Raspberry Pi and Ubuntu GNU/Linux
  • Auto-detection and auto-connection via USB and Ethernet Port
  • Multi-printer management – multiple printers can be connected to a single machine (I.e. 4 printers connected to a single PC)
  • Numerous 3D Printer drivers
  • 3 different Web Camera control modules for monitoring prints
  • Visualization, editing, slicing, model/gcode fixing and sharing tools already available in the 3DPrinterOS cloud

“This open source release makes it simple for every user and manufacturer to access the power of 3D Printing through the cloud,” explained Dogru. “Now any manufacturer, large or small, can modify, customize and build on top of this release to extend their functionality and make 3d printing easier for their users.”

3DPrinterOS encourages developers to push any changes or modifications to Github!

About 3DPrinterOS:
3DPrinterOS is the world’s first operating system for 3D Printing. New and experienced users alike can manage, edit, fix, slice, share & print objects from any web capable device. Connect the majority of today’s 3D printers to the cloud via Windows, Mac, Ubuntu or Raspberry Pi. With over 6500 hours of printing in 73 different countries, you can easily print what you want, when you need it, from anywhere in the world.

Press Contacts:
Aaron Roy
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Twitter: @3DPrinterOS



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