The CRP Group Celebrates 45 Years of Excellence


1970-2015 The CRP Group celebrates 45 years of excellence in the sector of precision mechanical machining, and 20 years of Additive Manufacturing. Founded in 1970 by Roberto Cevolini as a company for high precision CNC machining in the motorsport sector, the company has expertly evolved over the past four decades, skilfully responding to the demands of the international market, anticipating highly unique manufacturing solutions worldwide. The far-sighted vision, starting with Roberto Cevolini and carried on over the years by company management, represented by Franco Cevolini, CEO and Technical Manager of the CRP Group and Livia Cevolini, CEO of Energica Motor Company and Marketing and Sales Manager of the Group.

The 6 companies (CRP Meccanica, CRP Technology, CRP USA, CRP Service, CRP Engineering, Energica Motor Company) make up the current business group are now able to offer the market and their clients a consolidated alternative to traditional manufacturing methods for small series, and for the production of functional prototypes and end-use components.

Intake manifold of Delta wing racing car made from Windform material  (Photo courtesy of CPR)

Intake manifold of Delta wing racing car made from Windform material (Photo courtesy of CRP Group)

Important progress has been made in the sector of additive technologies, with the development of Windform materials, such as outgas tests for use in space, patch testing for the medical sector, fashion and design and testing of non-conductivity, expanding the use of these materials for additive manufacturing in all areas in which an insulating, impermeable, highly durable material is required, offering the opportunity of being processed with high precision CNC machining.

PrintSat  (Photo courtesy of CRP)

PrintSat (Photo courtesy of CRP Group)

A single material, two different production technologies, that of 3D Printing and precision CNC machining and a single large business Group have transformed application solutions into reality, solutions which until a few years ago were impossible to implement with traditional methods. Among the futuristic applications developed in these 45 years by CRP there is the F1 Titanium Rapid Casting Gearbox.

Cambio F1 Titanium Rapid Casting (Photo courtesy of CRP Group)

Cambio F1 Titanium Rapid Casting (Photo courtesy of CRP Group)

Video of the interview of CRP management at the Monza Grand Prix in the year 2000, speaking about the F1 Titanium Rapid Casting Gearbox can be found here.

20 years of Additive Manufacturing and 10 years of Windform XT
In the 90s CRP Technology started to adopt the technology of Additive Manufacturing for their customers. 20 years have passed and in these two decades CRP Technology has developed new Windform materials and new goals have been achieved. CRP Technology and CRP USA are rethinking the use of 3D Printing with Windform opening the path to new applications and new industries.

Thanks to advanced 3D printing materials like Windform XT that is celebrating 10 years, it is possible to build functional prototypes. Windform XT is celebrating this year 10 years. This top level material is carbon filled and it is particularly appreciated in tough applications from motorsport to space.

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Top: 3D-printed hand orthotics made with Windform GT  (Photo courtesy of CRP Group)

Source: CRP Group

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