SLM Solutions NA, Inc. – Neff Capital Management Launches Sintavia with $10M Investment

  • New company uses SLM Solutions’ Selective Laser Melting® systems to produce AM parts foraerospace & defense

Davie, FL (July 2015) — Neff Capital Management LLC, a private equity firm based in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, announced that it has established a new company to focus on the additive manufacturing (“AM”) of production parts for aerospace and defense original equipment manufacturers (“OEMs”) around the world. Additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, is the process by which a component is built through the successive layering of material at a microscopic level on a build platform.

The company, called Sintavia, LLC, will be headquartered in Davie, FL, and will produce parts based on the exacting quality control standards required by the aerospace and defense industry. In addition to a serial production capability, the company will maintain a state-of-the-art metallurgical and metrology lab. “We are excited to be a part of the coming industrial revolution within the aerospace and defense industry,” said Brian Neff, Managing Partner of Neff Capital Management. “Over the next few years, as more and more production is shifted to additive manufacturing within this industry, serial manufacturers with exceptional quality control, like Sintavia, will be in high demand by the OEMs.”

Neff Capital’s funding of Sintavia includes a $10 million initial capital investment, to be rolled out in the coming 24 months, as the company grows and develops its capabilities. To support the production of highly complex metal parts, Sintavia will add three Selective Laser Melting® SLM®280HL dual-laser systems from SLM Solutions. Using a 280 x 280 x 350 mm build envelope, the SLM 280HL system offers options to configure a single 400W, dual (400 +1000W), or twin (400W) lasers. Likewise, the system’s open software controls, bi-directional loader and closed-loop metal powder handling achieve the speed, safety and flexibility needed to optimize strict production parameters.

A recent study funded by the U.S. Department of Energy Advanced Manufacturing Office demonstrated that aircraft weight can be reduced by 7% by replacing conventional means of manufacturing with additive manufacturing—an astonishing number for an industry where most weight efficiency improvements are one or two percentage points. “Within 20 years, there will be a seismic shift in how we manufacture for the aerospace and defense industry. However, producers who do not understand or are incapable of producing parts with repetitive quality will not play a role in the OEM supply chain,” added Mr. Neff.

In addition to Sintavia, Neff Capital Management’s portfolio includes CTS Engines, LLC, CTS Testing, LLC, and Apogee Investment Partners LLC, a real estate holding company.

About SLM Solutions NA:
Serving as the North American subsidiary of SLM Solutions Group AGSLM Solutions NA, Inc. is a leading provider of metal-based additive manufacturing technology (also commonly referred to as 3D printing). These powerful and innovative technologies support an optimal approach for safe, flexible and cost efficient metal part production and prototypes across the aerospace, automotive, academia, energy and medical industries.

SLM Solutions Group AG, headquartered in Lübeck, Germany focuses on the development, assembly and sales of machines and integrated system solutions in the field of Selective Laser Melting®. SLM Solutions currently employs over 160 people in Germany and North America.

Neff Capital Management Contact
Elizabeth Chedester
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