LUXeXcel Announces Winners of the Innovative Application Student Award Competition


LUXeXcel, headquartered in the Netherlands, recently announced the winners of the company’s Innovative Application Student Award competition. The competition for Industrial Design students at Delft University of Technology challenged the students to create new product applications using LUXeXcel’s patented 3D printing technology for optics, Printoptical Technology.

The winning applications were selected by visitors to LUXeXcel’s website with three top places awarded including: “3D Printed Earphones”, “Vasu Smartphone Case” and “3D Printed Shoes”.


First place
Porthos: 3D Printed Earphones
R. Bakker – Bachelor student TU Delft – Industrial Design

Porthos earphones are unique and build around four key elements. It has built in functions like noise cancelling, directed noise, a sensitive trackpad and a Bluetooth 4.1 connection. The transparent parts in the earphone are 3D printed by Luxexcel. To read more about the Porthos Earphones, press here.

(Photo courtesy of LUXeXcel)

(Photo courtesy of LUXeXcel)

Second place
Vasu Smartphone Case
Student: L. Huikeshoven – Bachelor student TU Delft – Industrial Design

Vasu is a smartphone case meant for doctors in rural India, to diagnose malaria in the blood. It enables doctors to prescribe the proper amount of medication a patient needs. It works with a disposable chip, which guides the light from the flashlight through the chip and back to the camera. To read more about the Vasu Smartphone Case, press here.

(Photo courtesy of LUXeXcel)

(Photo courtesy of LUXeXcel)

Third place
Acryx Shoes
Student: F. Metin – Bachelor student TU Delft – Industrial Design

The Acryx shoe is the world’s first fully 3D printed shoe with 3D printed transparent parts. It combines NinjaFlex material and Printoptical Technology by Luxexcel. It serves as inspiration for the fashion and 3D printing industry. It resulted in a flexible shoe with transparent parts that do not need any post-processing. To read more about the Acryx Shoes, press here.

(Photo courtesy of LUXeXcel)

(Photo courtesy of LUXeXcel)

About LUXeXcel
LUXeXcel is a 3D printing service for products that demand the highest standard in transparency and smoothness. Our company is the only company in the world able to 3D-print transparent products, without layering. We developed a proprietary technology to 3D print optics for the LED market and transparent products for other markets. Please visit our website:

To download an Ebook of Delft University of Technology students applications press here.

(Top photo)-Designed by Edmund Optics produced by LUXeXcel. (Photo courtesy of LUXeXcel)

Project Applications: LUXeXcel

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