WESTEC 2015-A Gold Mine for Industry

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SME’s WESTEC 2015 is a gold mine for the manufacturing industry. From SME’s Technology Interchange with NASA to Legacy Effects’ Jason Lopes presentation titled 3D Printing for Hollywood, SME presents it all. If you cannot find it at WESTEC, it may not exist. After exploring WESTEC, here are just a few highlights:

Los Angeles Convention Center
Los Angeles, California USA
Sept. 15-17, 2015

Ambrell is a leading manufacturer of RF induction heating systems with the company asserting to be the first manufacturer to produce a 100 ft. long induction heating solution. The work piece below is passing through the inductor or work coil.

Photo courtesy of SME

Induction heating display.  (Photo courtesy of AMBRELL Precision Induction Heating)

A flexible coil is demonstrated for irregularly shaped work pieces.

Photo courtesy of SME

Induction coil for irregular shapes. (Photo courtesy of AMBRELL Precision Induction Heating)

Concept Laser had on display a “bracket” on board the Airbus A350 XWB. Together with his two project partners, Frank Herzog, founder and CEO of the specialist for 3D metal printing, has been nominated as a candidate for the German Future Prize 2015 for the first additively manufactured titanium “bracket”. It is a “bionic” holding and connecting element, which is regarded as an important contribution to the lightweight construction of aircraft.

This cross-industry development is revolutionizing the way structural aircraft components are made and “lightweight construction” is implemented in civil aircraft. This component was previously a milled part made of aluminum (Al) and is now a printed part made of titanium (Ti) with a weight reduction of approx. 30%. Source: Concept Laser

Photo courtesy of Concept Laser

Bracket (Photo courtesy of Concept Laser)

Epilog Laser had on display the company’s Fusion M2 Engraving and Cutting System. The Fusion M2 is a dual-source laser system that allows users to perform both metal marking applications and CO2 laser applications from the same system and in the same job. A camera feature is optional.

Photo courtesy of Epilog Laser

Fusion M2 Engraving and Cutting System (Photo courtesy of Epilog Laser)

ESMO, a full service provider of customized automated solutions, featured a fully automated 3D laser inspection and handling system. ESMO is seeking to expand its US presence.

Photo courtesy of esmo

Customized automated solutions (Photo courtesy of esmo)

FARO had on display the company’s Faro Edge ScanArm, a portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM). The ScanArm can scan multiple materials including reflective and glossy surfaces.

Photo courtesy of FARO

Demonstrating FaroArm  (Photo courtesy of FARO)

Fowler showcased the Fowler zCat among other scanning and measuring systems. Fowler claims the zCat is the world’s first portable direct computer controlled (DCC) CMM. AMazing will feature the zCat in the coming days!

Photo courtesy of Fowler

World’s first portable direct computer controlled CMM, zCAT (Photo courtesy of Fowler)

GROB had on display the company’s G350 universal machining center with capability to invert the work piece for enhanced access.

Photo courtesy of GROB

GROB G350 Universal Machining Center (Photo courtesy of GROB)

Work piece inverted!

Photo courtesy of GROB

GROB with work piece inverted  (Photo courtesy of GROB)

Jason Lopes of Legacy Effects, presented a fascinating and fact-filled keynote presentation about Legacy Effects and the influence of additive manufacturing/3D printing in the film industry titled “3D Printing for Hollywood”.

Interesting to note that in 2006, Legacy Effects additively manufactured prototypes for Iron Man using SLA technology!

Photo courtesy of Legacy Effects

Iron Man MK 42 Sideshow Bust (Photo courtesy of Legacy Effects)


Photo courtesy of Legacy Effects

Neytiri Bust ‘Avatar’ (Photo courtesy of Legacy Effects)

On display was Mastercam‘s Cad/Cam Software Top Alcohol Funny Car. Driver: Sean Bellemeur  Career Best MPH: 259 mph

Photo courtesy of Mastercam

Photo courtesy of Mastercam

MK Products, specialists in welding products and custom manufacturing, had on display the ultimate work environment, the Emperor, as a floor prop. We will take five Emperor Work Environments please!

Photo courtesy of MK Products

Display Only  (Photo courtesy of MK Products)

MK Products manufactures the Cobra Welding Systems and Orbital Welding equipment. Shown below is the ‘Python’ welding gun.

Photo courtesy of MK Products

MK Python Welding Gun  (Photo courtesy of MK Products)

SCHUNK, manufacturer of clamping and gripping tools, had on display the company’s line of TENDO Platinum Series Hydraulic Expansion Toolholders. The toolholders are made from tool steel, thru hardened and can hold 3 microns or less of radial runout. The TENDO series is manufactured in Morrisville, North Carolina.


Photo courtesy of SCHUNK

TENDO Platinum Series Toolholders (Photo courtesy of SCHUNK)

Socal Machine Tools featured the multi-function compact Takamaz XL-100 machine. The machine exhibits a small foot print and live tooling capability.

Photo courtesy of SoCal Machine Tools

Takamaz XL-100  (Photo courtesy of SoCal Machine Tools)

Stratasys Ltd. had on display an inspection fixture for production and assembly. The fixture housing (yellow) was additively manufactured from Vero (photopolymer) using a Connex3 system. Also, on display was an FAA approved duct for Airbus additively manufactured from ULTEM 9085.

Photo courtesy of Stratasys

Photo courtesy of Stratasys Ltd.

SW North America, Inc. has on display a new mid-range horizontal machining center, BA 322, targeted for 4 or 5 axis machining. The compact machining center is well-suited for small medical components. The BA 322 will be on display at EMO, Milan Italy Oct. 5-10, 2015 and available in the US in early 2016.

Photo courtesy of SW North America Inc.

BA 322 Mid-range horizontal machining center (Photo courtesy of SW North America Inc.)

Sample part machined using the BA 322 machining center.

Photo courtesy of SW North America Inc.

Photo courtesy of SW North America Inc.

United Surface Solutions featured their new flagship CPC6000 for finishing, surface refinement and deburring parts up to 24 inches. The CPC6000 exhibits a reduced footprint.

Photo courtesy of United Surface Solutions

Photo courtesy of United Surface Solutions

Verisurf Software, inc. has on display a Master3DGage powered by Verisurf software for rapid in-process inspection (manual portable arm).

Photo courtesy of Verisurf

Photo courtesy of Verisurf

Verisurf Software, inc. also displayed a CMM Master based on the Renishaw Equator™ platform for high production shop floor inspection (stationary programmable).

Photo courtesy of Verisurf

Photo courtesy of Verisurf

For nearly 50 years, WESTEC, produced by SME, has been the West Coast’s premier manufacturing event, attracting a broad cross-section of industry decision-makers in Southern California. The event brings together thousands of attendees, exhibitors and industry experts to evaluate and compare cutting-edge manufacturing equipment, advanced technologies, new products and applications. The three-day event influences buying decisions and showcases growth industries, such as aerospace, defense, industrial machinery, medical and more. For more information, please visit westeconline.com.

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(Top photo)-courtesy of SW North America Inc.

Source: AMazing

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