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October 7, 2015 – New York – The launch of ShareStation will allow 3D enthusiasts to download, share and print functional projects at no cost. 3D hobbyists can now print circuit boards, Arduino components, solar lights and battery housings among other exciting projects already available for download on

Imagine using your home 3D printer to create an Mp3 player, an automated timer for your house lights or replace a broken part for your coffee maker. This will one day be possible with the continued development of functional and specialty filaments for 3D printers. ShareStation represents a first step in allowing home 3D print hobbyists – from the novice to the expert – to build and share 3D print projects that work.

Arduino Miniature Traffic Light  (Photo courtesy of Graphene 3D Lab)

Arduino Miniature Traffic Light (Photo courtesy of Graphene 3D Lab)

Visitors to ShareStation are able to view, share or download print ready files of functional projects for free. Users can connect with other users, discuss projects, and even download free software that will allow them to convert their own circuit board designs into working 3D printable files.

ShareStaton was developed and underwritten by Graphene 3D Lab, makers of functional and specialty 3D filaments. Elena Polyakova Co-CEO of Graphene 3D said, “Up until now, most home 3D printers have been limited to one type of print material – likely polymer – and owners are limited to projects that are static like cupholders, models, or jewelry. Using functional or specialty filaments allow users to print working projects, dramatically expanding what can be accomplished with a 3D printer.” The company created ShareStation as a destination where 3D print enthusiasts can share and download these projects and establish a community to advance these next generation 3D printing opportunities.

ShareStation 3D already features a number of functional 3D print projects available for download. However, users can share their own projects, and connect with other 3D builders. A notable breakthrough in the 3D printing world was the introduction of the conductive filament. With this filament users are now able to design and build functional electronic projects.

For 3D print enthusiasts interested in printing projects on, functional and specialty filaments are available at and

Arduino Sound Maker Board  (Photo courtesy of Graphene 3D Lab)

Arduino Sound Maker Board (Photo courtesy of Graphene 3D Lab)

Featured projects available for download on the ShareStation site include Arduino sound maker board and miniature traffic light, as well as a battery housing.  Daniel Stolyarov Graphene 3D Co-CEO added, “ShareStation 3D is an analogy for the advancement of 3D printing in the manufacturing sector. 3D printing started with static multi-dimensional objects, now we are adding functionality. Soon 3D printing will be able to create multi-functional devices in a single print allowing 3D printing to be at the heart of the manufacturing industry. ShareStation allows home users to take part in this exciting advancement and be a part of the ever-expanding capabilities of the 3D printing phenomena.”

About ShareStation
is a free to use web portal for 3D print enthusiasts to share, upload and download and discuss functional 3D print projects. The website development and maintenance costs, as well as any software available for download from the web portal was made available by Graphene 3D Lab. Graphene 3D Lab are makers of functional and specialty 3D printing filaments. Functional and specialty 3D print filaments used in projects found at ShareStation are available from Graphene Lab’s on-line store, and

For more information, please contact:
Kristie Galvani
Rubenstein Public Relations}
Telephone: (212) 843-9205

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