Industry Leaders Gather this December at The American Aerospace & Defense Summit 2015 to Discuss Solutions to the Industry’s Most Pressing Issues


13/10/2015 Generis Group’s American Aerospace & Defense Summit 2015 will be taking place in Scottsdale, Arizona on December 8th 9th, 2015. Over the course of the two day summit 150 senior level executives will delve into strategies to overcome industry challenges and optimize manufacturing and R&D in American aerospace and defense.

Aerospace is America’s leading manufacturing export industry. According to the Conference Chair, Michael Heil, President of the Ohio Aerospace Institute, it is the “envy of the world”. However, increasing international competition, large federal budget deficits and shrinking defense budgets present a huge challenge to American manufacturers. “We’re still the world’s best, but the gap is shrinking. China is emerging as a formidable aerospace and defense competitor” explains Dr. Heil.

The aerospace and defense industries are also facing some growing workforce issues. “Foreign competition will continue to grow stronger in the future. I worry about our ability to attract the best and brightest of our youth to the aerospace and defense industry“ notes Dr. Heil. “The lack of the ability to train and maintain an experienced workforce” is becoming a major concern, agrees summit speaker Debra Hensley, Quality & Production Staff Specialist, Bell Helicopter. She adds that “with the leaning out of the workforce, current state of the aerospace industry, many senior employees have left the workforce leaving a gap in the level of experience that remains in companies.”

Despite these issues there are also some exciting opportunities and technologies on the horizon. “We are at the early stage of understanding the potential benefits of additive manufacturing” explains Dr. Heil “it could be a major game changer.” Debra Hensley predicts “more Tiltrotor Technology, the industry loves it,” and “smaller more capable products with reduced cost. It’s here today but the test is developing, launching and staying competitive.”

To gain a greater understanding of the challenges facing the american aerospace and defense industry and to hear first hand strategies to overcome them join the discussion this December at Generis Group’s American Aerospace & Defense Summit 2015.


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