formnext Covers the Process Chain from a Product Idea Through to Production of the Final Product


formnext powered by tct (Rapid New Publications Ltd.) and organized by Mesago Messe Frankfurt GmbH is a new trade show that focuses on additive technologies and tool making design and product development in Frankfurt, Germany. This year’s formnext will feature close to 30 speakers from around the world in areas such as automotive, aerospace, medical technology, consumer goods, architecture and jewelry.

formnext 2015 powered by tct
Hall 3.1 of Messe Frankfurt Germany
17-20 November, 2015

We caught up with Sascha Wenzler, Vice-President of Mesago Messe Frankfurt GmbH, to learn more about this year’s formnext powered by tct in an exclusive AMazing® Q&A conversation.


AMazing®: Sascha, thank you for your participation. As we understand, beginning in June 2015, a team of Mesago and tct management representatives traveled to seven different countries including the cities of Moscow, Milan, Paris, Istanbul, Boston, Philadelphia, New York, Guangzhou and Birmingham to promote formnext as a leading international trade fair. Would you share with us the latest news about the potential for formnext as an international trade fair? What future concepts do you envision for formnext to become a leading international trade fair?

Sascha Wenzler, Vice-President of Mesago Messe Frankfurt GmbH

Sascha Wenzler, Vice-President of Mesago Messe Frankfurt GmbH

Sascha Wenzler: formnext powered by tct will demonstrate the full scope of possibilities and technologies facilitated by the integration of additive manufacturing and tool making.

Visitors can look forward to experiencing the next generation of product development and manufacturing. The event will feature the global elite in 3D printing, including alphacam, 3D Systems, EnvisionTEC, EOS, HP, Renishaw, Ricoh, SLM, and Stratasys.

In the field of tool making, Audi and numerous other innovative companies will put their international expertise on display, which is especially important for the US market. We are convinced that particularly this interplay between new technology and proven procedures harbors enormous potential for the manufacturing industry, which will continue to grow in the years to come.

AMazing®: Recently, winners of formnext’s “Start-up Challenge” were announced including DyeMansion, 3dTrust, Luuv Forward, Sinterit, and trinckle 3D. As the competition highlights innovative businesses in early development, what does the selection of these winning technologies foretell about the future of the additive manufacturing industry?

Sascha Wenzler: The scope of the innovative products from the five winners ranges from software solutions for distributed manufacturing, or simple individualization by dyeing sintered components, to a camera support developed by means of 3D printing and an extremely compact laser-sintering printer. The products and services are already “ready to market” and are being presented by the young enterprises in the “Start-up” area of the formnext 2015 exhibition. Visitors will experience with these outstanding developments the paths and directions in which additive technology will develop in the future.

AMazing®: Technical advances are always fascinating and a critical aspect for a thriving industry. Are there any technical presentations or new product introductions generating pre-conference buzz?

Sascha Wenzler: We already know that the exhibitors will showcase numerous new products at formnext, including world premieres for some products – the names of which I cannot reveal yet unfortunately. But what I can tell you is that some of the innovations are at the technical level. And many companies will also present solutions for integrating additive technologies into existing production processes. Of course, we are delighted that renowned exhibitors have picked the formnext premiere to present their innovations. Stratasys incidentally will have the largest booth that it has ever had at a European exhibition.  And never before has an exhibition featured a special show like “Audi Toolmaking”.

AMazing®: In a recent formnext press release, Heinz Gaub, Managing Director Technology & Engineering at Arburg stated, “We’re noticing a clear trend toward small batches with many variations and small quantities right down to lot size one. In this regard, we see huge potential in the combination of injection molding and industrial additive manufacturing. It enables plastic components to be mass-produced efficiently and cost-effectively and then customized for individual customers in small lot sizes in a further additive manufacturing step. This way, individual customer requirements can be integrated directly into a value chain that is personalized through to the end.” In view of Heinz Gaub’s observations, what events and tools will be available at formnext to help businesses capitalize on the potential of combining additive manufacturing with conventional processing?

Sascha Wenzler: formnext will offer its visitors a wide technological spectrum. We will have exhibitors from different fields, such as design, materials, and standardized component construction, alongside machine manufacturers and, of course, tool makers, as well as numerous companies from the additive manufacturing technology sector. Visitors are sure to find the knowledge they need to accelerate their own product development, incorporate the latest innovations into their manufacturing methods, and achieve greater efficiency in the process.

Moreover, the high-profile formnext conference will offer in-depth expertise in this regard as world-class industry speakers will give attendees first-hand insights into additive technology applications and cutting-edge developments.

AMazing®: There is a prevailing mindset that the development of better and more materials is essential for additive manufacturing to reach its full potential. At formnext 2015, a special event titled ‘From Basic Material to Component” will be presented. Tell us about the event. What can attendees hope to gain by attending this event?

Sascha Wenzler: Selecting and supplying suitable basic materials for additive manufacturing is currently a hot topic for further developing this relatively new technology towards serial production. The importance of choosing the right basic materials for a component will be demonstrated in our special show “From Basic Material to Component.” Here, the use of basic materials for both conventional production and additive manufacturing processes will be presented.

By focusing on dental prostheses, for example, the show presents the various possible methods for manufacturing bone pins – from conventional ceramic to sintered titanium – including the impact of the materials on the resulting properties and manufacturing processes. With selected exhibits and eye-catching examples – from toothbrushes and eyeglass lenses to aircraft parts and brake discs – the special show highlights innovative solutions for the future.

AMazing®: Finally, what hints, tips and trade fair strategies would you suggest to formnext attendees to explore the rich, diverse network of industries to maximize their conference experience? 

Sascha Wenzler: I really recommend anyone working in product development to attend formnext and our conference. And those who want to advance and innovate their production methods really cannot afford to miss it. Formnext will feature both the latest developments of global market leaders as well as innovations of young start-ups. You will find all of this in Frankfurt, which is conveniently located at the heart of Europe. We have published the hall maps and names of participating companies on the Internet so that visitors can prepare well and make the most of networking opportunities.

This concludes our interview. Thank you very much Sascha for your participation. We are very grateful for the opportunity to learn about this year’s formnext and plans for the future.


About formnext 
formnext covers the process chain from a product idea through to production of the final product. It brings together additive and conventional procedures and showcases the next generation of product development. In particular, formnext highlights the interaction between tool and form-making and additive technologies, and it attracts visitors from a wide range of manufacturing industries. The conference, which takes place simultaneously to the exhibition, focuses on trends in additive technologies and 3D printing as well as in tool making. The convention’s content is designed by tct Show + Personalize. Mesago Messe Frankfurt GmbH has overall organizational responsibility for formnext. (

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