HiETA Technologies Launches Additive Manufacturing (AM) Technology Centre


Additive Manufacturing experts, HiETA Technologies Ltd, has announced the opening of its new Technology Centre. The Centre brings HiETA’s design and production capabilities all under one roof in a 270m² purpose – built facility in the Bristol & Bath Science Park. Customers and partners can visualise and track the process from the initial concept through to design, analysis, manufacture, post processing, quality assurance and component testing – all in one place.

Businesses are challenging AM providers to deliver industrialisation at the right price and with the right safeguards. Running the machines in house with the build team right next to the design team means HiETA is on the fast track to deliver on that challenge.

“Visualising the AM process is critical to engaging with manufacturers”, explains HiETA CEO, Mike Adams.

“The global AM market is forecasted to be worth $3.5 billion by 2017; as a leading player and pioneer of the technology, we are determined to play an integral role in driving the UK’s rightful position as world leaders.

“The Technology Centre is a significant investment by HiETA but pivotal to our business development whilst presenting a working showcase to the manufacturing industry.”

HiETA Office  (Photo courtesy of HiETA Technologies Ltd.)

HiETA Office (Photo courtesy of HiETA Technologies Ltd.)

AM in Action – Previews 2015
Preview tours of the new facility are taking place in November and December. Representatives from the aerospace, automotive, defense and the wider manufacturing community will be personally invited to attend a series of site tours including demonstrations of ‘AM in action’ with sector-specific presentations and refreshments.

Interested parties are invited to apply to attend via the HiETA website, or contact the Technology Centre direct at [email protected].

About HiETA
HiETA Technologies Ltd is a Design and Manufacturing Company exploiting the technology of Metal Additive Manufacturing (AM). HiETA’s patented designs make lighter and more energy efficient components in the aerospace, defence, automotive and microgeneration sectors.

With expertise in heat management and engine componentry HiETA works with customers to assess the value of using AM to realise innovative designs; optimized for the AM process and advise on how to secure the full value chain required for effective commercialisation.

HiETA has a number of projects in progress with Innovate UK (IUK) and the Centre for Defence Enterprise (CDE). Senior engineers are regularly invited to contribute to media discussions on Additive Manufacturing and present at industry & sector conferences.

About Additive Manufacturing
Additive Manufacturing (AM) refers to a process by which digital 3D design data is used to build up a component in layers by depositing material. Instead of milling a workpiece from solid block, for example, AM builds up components layer by layer using materials that are available in fine powder form. A range of different metals, plastics and composite materials may be used. The AM process means dramatically increased design freedom and, often, reduced weight and wastage of material.

Source: HiETA Technologies Ltd.

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