The CRP USA at Las Vegas for CES 2016 to show its Additive Revolution


The CRP USA will be attending from Jan. 6-9 2016, the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), one of the most well-known events for the consumer electronics and technology that gathers visitors from all over the world.

CRP USA will exhibit at the Tech WestSands Expo Halls A-C in the 3D Printing marketplace.

From Racetrack to Orbit, an Additive Revolution
This is the concept that CRP USA will show at CES 2016: how the use of Windform Additive Manufacturing, a technology developed for motorsport industry, is now finding inroads into space exploration. 3D printing is moving into a new exciting area. Initially 3D printers were used as an affordable and quick prototyping method. Now that a design for 3D printing methodology has taken hold, we are seeing a new philosophy moving from printing that allows parts to enabling entire new platforms with the use of Windform reinforced composite materials.

Photo courtesy of CRP Group

Photo courtesy of CRP Group

At CES 2016 CRP USA will bring on stage innovative applications starting from the electric motorcycle Energica, whose parts have been 3D printed with Windform in the designing phase. Yet, some of them are still available in the final version of the motorcycle to give the chance for a fully customization. At the show visitors will see lively the Energica Ego with special 3D printed headlight covers developed by a young designer.

CES is considered to be the most relevant venue for the consumer electronics and new technologies. This year for the first time, the CRP USA will bring and reveal at CES 2016, the latest solutions and applications of Windform 3D Printing for space missions.

CRP USA Booth 72517 – Tech West, Sands Expo Halls A-C

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(Top photo)-Courtesy of Scott Jones

Source: CRP Group

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