3D Platform Advances Large Format 3D Printing Capabilities with SurePrint™ Servo Technology

  • SurePrint™ Servo Upgrade Package Available Immediately to New and Existing Customers


ROCKFORD, IL (January 22, 2016) – 3D Platform (3DP) a leading manufacturer of large format 3D printers is now offering a SurePrint™ Servo Motor Upgrade Package for the flagship printer, the 3DP1000. Both new and existing 3DP1000 users can enjoy the benefits of this upgrade package, which provides advanced mechatronics, motors, superior performance, and capabilities for print speed, accuracy and reliability.

Key advantages of the SurePrint™ Servo Upgrade Package include:

AM_3DP_SurePrint-Servo-Upgrade-PackageFaster Speed – Cut your print time in half with the SurePrint™ Servo upgrade. SurePrint™ Servo motors generate 85% greater torque compared to traditional stepper motors, allowing faster acceleration and deceleration during printing.

Closed Loop System Delivers Superior Accuracy – The upgraded 3DP1000 operates in a “closed loop” system made possible by SurePrint™ Servo Technology. Each SurePrint™ Servo motor is embedded with a 20,000 count encoder, providing position feedback every 1.25 micron. This allows the system to adjust automatically the accuracy to increase print quality, resulting in a much smoother surface finish.

Reliable Performance – Traditional stepper motors consume a lot of power and generate a significant amount of heat, which degrades the motion system’s reliability and life expectancy. SurePrint™ Servo motors consume 67% less energy while generating 50% less heat, ensuring a prolonged system lifespan and improved motion system reliability.

“Available immediately, the SurePrint™ Servo Upgrade Package is an excellent option for both new and existing 3DP1000 users. The SurePrint™ Servo Upgrade Package is the equivalent to swapping your car’s 200 HP motor with a 375 HP motor—you immediately gain drive torque. Moreover, when you add smart traction control, you gain greater control and precision,” said John Good, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, 3D Platform. “The results for our customers include faster print times, greater positional accuracy and higher print quality.”

Following the successful entry into the 3D printing market with the industrial strength, large format 3D printer, the 3DP1000, 3D Platform continues to allow customers to leverage its industry-leading expertise in mechatronics and linear motion control technologies. The SurePrint™ Servo Upgrade Package can be installed on both new and all existing 3DP1000 machines, allowing customer’s machine value to appreciate over time. To learn more about the SurePrint Servo Advantages, please here.

About 3D Platform
3D Platform is a manufacturer of large format, industrial class 3D printers. Based in Roscoe, Illinois, 3DP’s world-class engineers utilize their expertise in mechatronics and linear motion to design and construct the highest quality large format printers in the world.

Visit www.3DPlatform.com to learn more.

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