RAPID 2016 – Transform Your Manufacturing Processes with Metal Additive Manufacturing


Metal additive manufacturing is proving to be a promising technology, not only for prototyping but also production. Companies in a variety of industries are interested in utilizing metal 3D printing for end-use parts, and with good reason. While additive parts made in metal have similar properties to traditionally manufactured parts, they are capable of complex geometries not possible with traditional methods. New processes, materials, and equipment continue to be introduced to fuel the demand.

AM_RAPID_Logo_CMYKAt RAPID 2016, the most respected additive manufacturing conference in North America, you’ll discover how to use metal 3D printing to build complex structures, reduce part weight, save time and materials, and more. Attend in-depth presentations by industry experts where you’ll learn about groundbreaking processes and materials for metal additive manufacturing, including:

10X Performance Improvements in Metal Additive Manufacturing, Fact or Fiction?

  • Understand how metal additive manufacturing can be improved substantially
  • Gain insight in what is key for increasing reproducibility, productivity and flexibility
  • Challenge the status-quo in 3D metal printing

A Hybrid Approach to Accelerate Adoption of Metal 3D Printing

  • Understand how additive and subtractive technologies can be combined in a single machine tool
  • Understand potential applications that could apply to your organization
  • Understand how closed loop process controls can improve consistency and quality of 3D printed metals

Secondary Thermal Processes – What Do They Offer Metal Additive Manufacturing?

  • Understand the benefits and limitations of the secondary processes of hot isostatic pressing and heat treating for their metal AM parts
  • Learn about which secondary operations are necessary and see what is possible for applications based on mechanical property data presented

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Take a Guided Show Floor Tour:
During our Show Floor Tours, one of SME’s Additive Manufacturing Community experts will guide you through the show floor, where you’ll see key technologies, processes, and innovations. This year, RAPID is offering a metal additive manufacturing-focused tour, which will be offered on Tuesday, May 17 from 2 – 3 pm.

For more RAPID event information visit rapid3Devent.com.

 Source: SME

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