XJet to Introduce NanoParticle Jetting Technology at RAPID 2016

  • First Global Exposure of 3D Metal Ink-Jet System in Orlando May 17th, 2016

(Rehovot, Israel), May 11th, 2016 – XJet Ltd., an Israeli Metal 3D printing company announced plans to introduce its pioneering, direct 3D metal jetting system at RAPID 2016, in Orlando on May 17th at booth #411. XJet is the first company to succeed in using inkjet technology to make 3D metal parts of the highest quality.

Booth #411
Orange County Convention Center
Orlando, Florida
17 May, 2016

NanoParticle Jetting is the culmination of many years of research in our labs with the highest caliber of developers and scientists including many PhDs,” said Hanan Gothait, CEO and Founder of XJet. “It is a landmark in the additive manufacturing industry having registered more than 50 patents. NanoParticle Jetting overcomes many challenges that Additive Manufacturing has faced until now, and we are very proud of the results.”

We are very excited to demonstrate our breakthrough technology at RAPID,” said Dror Danai, Chief Business Officer, XJet. “RAPID conference is the perfect platform to showcase our NanoParticle JettingTM technology, which will fill a gap in the market – easily producing complex metal parts with intricate details, and with high quality metallurgy.”  Dror will showcase XJet’s technology at RAPID’s Technology LaunchPad, May 18th between 3:00-4:30pm

Jetting Metal “Ink”
NanoParticle JettingTM produces an ultra-thin layer of droplets containing metal nanoparticles or support nanoparticles. These are deposited onto the system build-tray, producing metal parts with the ease and versatility of inkjet printing without compromising throughput.

XJet System (Photo courtesy of Xjet Ltd.)

XJet System (Photo courtesy of Xjet Ltd.)

Delivered as sealed cartridges, the liquid dispersions are loaded easily into the XJet system, eliminating the need to handle metal powdersInside the system’s build envelope, extremely high temperatures cause the liquid ‘jacket’ around the metal nanoparticles to evaporate. This results in virtually the same metallurgy as traditionally-made metal parts. In addition, the metal part undergoes an easy sintering process, with the supports removed simply and with almost no manual intervention.

Photo courtesy of XJet Ltd

Photo courtesy of XJet Ltd.

Unparalleled Technology: Details, Dispersion and Design Freedom
XJet’s 3D metal jetting technology fulfills many requirements that until now Additive Manufacturing has been struggling to achieve. These can be summarized in 3 ‘dimensions’:

  1. Details – The size of the particles and the ultra-thin layers allows a new level of small details and thin walls to be printed.
  2. Dispersion – XJet’s system print heads deposit an ultra-fine layer of liquid droplets which contain metal-nanoparticles. This “ink” is delivered in sealed cartridges, achieving a new level in safety and simplicity.
  3. Design Freedom – The support materials, which are different to model materials, are effortlessly removed and enable virtually any geometry to be designed.

The results of XJet’s NanoParticle Jetting technology are high quality metal parts, featuring unprecedented levels of details, surface finish and accuracy – without compromising build time.

The technology will be on display at RAPID, May 17th at booth #411. To learn more about the company and technology, visit http://www.xjet3d.com.

About XJET
XJet Ltd. was founded in 2005 by Hanan Gothait, an innovator and veteran of the inkjet printing industry. XJet has developed the first ground-breaking inkjet-based 3D printing system for metal parts. Established in Rehovot, the hub of the Israeli “Silicon Valley”, XJet boasts 50 multidisciplinary R&D specialists and has filed more than 50 registered and pending patents. With a decade’s-worth of research behind it, XJet pioneers NanoParticle Jetting™ technology to redefine the metal additive manufacturing industry.

Source: XJet Ltd.

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