Come to Logan and Explore the Next Generation of Space Applications with CRP USA


CRP USA will be attending the Small Satellite Conference and Exhibit at Utah State University from August 6th to August 11th. The event will be held at the Taggart Student Center, and CRP USA will be exhibiting at booth 44T.

CRP USA will be displaying cutting edge solutions for the space industry manufactured in the WINDFORM family of materials. CRP USA works alongside key space industry leaders and their staff is ready to welcome SmallSat attendees.

Based in Mooresville, North Carolina, CRP USA employs a highly skilled staff that specializes in the manufacturing and creation of end-use parts and prototypes built from WINDFORM.

Photo courtesy of CPR

Photo courtesy of CRP

CRP USA will show how the use of WINDFORM composite materials, originally developed for the motorsports industry, is now finding many uses in space exploration. CRP USA will also demonstrate the effectiveness of additive manufacturing and use of WINDFORM as a structural material for space applications.

About Small Satellite Conference
For 30 years, the Small Satellite Conference has been a place where innovators, engineers, problem solvers, scientists, entrepreneurs, and dreamers alike come together to tackle challenges and push the boundaries of space exploration.

Each year, SmallSat Conference attendees share their successes and lessons learned, demonstrate their capabilities, network, and mentor for the next generation. These crucial interactions have inspired and ignited imaginations, paving the way for small satellites to perform missions that few thought possible.

The 30th Annual Small Satellite Conference will celebrate the industry’s tremendous achievements, while continuing to inspire ingenuity for future military, civilian, and commercial space missions.

Poplar Pointe Drive, Unit A
Mooresville, NC 28117
Phone: 704-660-0258

Source: CRP

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