“formnext Start-up Challenge”: Winners Impress with Pioneering Innovations from the World of 3D Printing

formnext powered by tct

International exhibition and conference
on the next generation of manufacturing technologies
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
15–18 November 2016

The winners of the “formnext Start-up Challenge 2016” convinced the international jury with outstanding innovations from the world of 3D printing. The young companies 3YOURMIND, Additive Elements, Gravity Sketch, Mcubus, and Xioneer impressed with a wide range of exciting developments – from product comparison in 3D printing to in-house material production and a new type of plastic printer.

With the “Start-up Challenge”, formnext powered by tct recognizes innovative young companies from the field of additive technologies every year. The 2016 formnext Start-up Challenge is being held in cooperation with Germany’s 3D Printing Cluster.

The award-winning developments include software that allows price comparisons for components to be produced additively, as well as a new type of 3D printing technology based on binder jetting for manufacturing large and cost-effective components. Just as forward-looking are the innovations for in-house production of material filament and an extrusion-based 3D printer that is setting new standards through its high quality and speed.

The official award ceremony for the five winners will take place on the first day of formnext 2016 at 17:00 on the tct stage. Their presence, including a booth in the Start-up Area, is being sponsored by formnext. “This gives young companies the chance to present themselves and their products to a highly qualified international audience on our innovative exhibition platform,” states Sascha F. Wenzler, Head of Division for formnext at exhibition organizer Mesago Messe Frankfurt GmbH.

The Winners:

3YOURMIND: Software for comparing 3D printing prices
3YOURMIND has developed software that enables users to analyze and optimize 3D printing data at the push of a button, which saves time and money. The company also offers price comparisons to those looking for the right service provider in 3D printing. Its customers and partners already include firms listed on the DAX 30 and world-leading developers of 3D printers and CAD programs.

Additive Elements: Efficient binder jetting technology
Munich’s Additive Elements has come up with a technique for producing dense plastic components using the binder jetting process. This involves utilizing a PMMA-based powder in combination with a methacrylate to manufacture high-quality synthetic parts. “Compared to the techniques common at present, this cold process will make it possible to produce much larger components at lower costs,” states CEO Thilo Kramer.

Gravity Sketch: 3D designs for everybody
Gravity Sketch is a design platform, available on tablets and VR headsets, that anyone can use. The platform, which shares its name with the start-up, also wants to enable people who don’t have special knowledge of digital technology to design 3D products. “Gravity Sketch allows you to draw your designs as you would on paper, but directly in 3D”, explains co-founder Sosanya Oluwaseyi. Users can forward the data directly to a 3D printer via an app.

Mcubus: Make material filament in-house
The Re-Fila device from Mcubus is designed to create further material for use in 3D printing. The machine makes it possible to produce material filament out of defective prints or fresh purchased granulate. Re-Fila is also capable of recognizing when more filament is required and produces it “just-in-time”. This eliminates the need to maintain an inventory of material spools and the right color can be directly produced.  Mcubus has filed for a patent on Re-Fila, which is in an advanced stage of prototyping.

Xioneer: Extrusion-based 3D printer is fast and precise
According to Xioneer CEO, Dr. Andrei Neboian, the Xioneer X1 is a professional, extrusion-based 3D printer that offers a combination of excellent print quality and speed thanks to a series of patented innovations. Its fully automated calibration system can quickly create precision objects up to nearly 30 liters in size. Furthermore, an efficient workflow and a cartridge-based material system make it possible to turn around print orders in a short amount of time.

For more information about the winners, visit www.formnext.com/startupchallenge.

About 3D Printing Cluster
3D Printing Cluster is an interdisciplinary network of actors from the field of industrial 3D printing. Its aim is to stimulate and rapidly advance applications and start-ups in the area of additive manufacturing through selective networking. Since its foundation in 2014 by EOS, SCE and UnternehmerTUM, a community comprising over 200 start-ups, established companies, investors, and research institutions has formed.

About formnext
Formnext powered by tct brings exhibitors involved in additive manufacturing and more conventional industrial production technologies together with the manufacturing industry itself. Each year, the event presents the next generation of intelligent industrial manufacturing in the international exhibition hub of Frankfurt am Main, Germany. In doing so, it focuses on the efficient realization of product concepts, from their design to eventual mass production. After hitting the ground running at its 2015 debut and establishing itself as a prominent international exhibition, formnext 2016 will once again showcase innovations while providing key inspiration for the future. The conference set to take place alongside the exhibition will also highlight the latest trends and issues in additive manufacturing, along with clever ways in which it can be integrated into process chains in industrial production. The conference’s content is designed by Rapidnews/tct + Personalize. Formnext powered by tct is organized by Mesago Messe Frankfurt GmbH (formnext.de).

About Mesago
Mesago Messe Frankfurt GmbH, founded in 1982 and located in Stuttgart, specializes in exhibitions and conferences on various topics of technology. The company belongs to the Messe Frankfurt Group. Mesago operates internationally and is not tied to a specific venue. With 130 members of staff Mesago organizes events for the benefit of more than 3,300 exhibitors and over 110,000 trade visitors, conference delegates and speakers from all over the world. Numerous trade associations, publishing houses, scientific institutes and universities work with Mesago closely as advisers, co-organizers and partners. Mesago comprises three companies: Mesago Messe Frankfurt GmbH, Mesago Messemanagement GmbH, and Mesago PCIM GmbH (mesago.de).

Source: Mesago

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