Metal 3D Printing Meets Industry: APWorks Paves the Way.

  • The Light Rider, world’s first 3D printed motorcycle as best practice example on display in Frankfurt

Taufkirchen, November 2016: Everyone is talking about plastic 3D printing for industrial manufacturing. Metal 3D printing is following the lead. Heat exchangers, upholders, brackets, tools or hydraulic manifolds, APWorks is accompanying lots of customers with part optimization, selecting and developing high performance material and choosing the best suitable 3D printer. “It is all about generating added value to products and economic value to the customer” says Joachim Zettler, CEO of APWorks. That is what the company stand for.

This is also how APWorks presents itself with at formnext. On the one hand the Light Rider demonstrates the perfect interplay of design, material and 3D printing. The Light Rider is world’s first 3D printed motorcycle prototype. On the other hand, industrial applications show the possibilities metal 3D printing today already provides for various industries and products. „The design freedom offered by 3D printing leads to geometries that were until now impossible to produce “, states Joachim Zettler.

Light Rider (Photo courtesy of APWorks)

Light Rider (Photo courtesy of APWorks)

The companies’ services are clearly focused on generating added value to products and economic value for the customers. Product examples APWorks developed in former projects show weight savings of up to 50% in the aerospace industry that save operating costs and kerosene. Homogenous heat transfer in products, such as heat exchangers, increases efficiency and performance. 30% volume reduction of tools due to functional integration shortens the supply chain. Furthermore, conformal cooling or heating enables a higher efficiency of tools and shortens the production time. Parts such as spares can be produced tool less in the shortest lead time.

APWorks aims to make proven aerospace technologies accessible to other industries such as robotics, automotive, mechanical engineering, tooling, and medical technology. The unique combination of design, material and 3D printing paves the way for industrial production in metal 3D printing.

Light Rider (Photo courtesy of Airbus APWorks GmbH)

Light Rider (Photo courtesy of Airbus APWorks GmbH)

The Light Rider is one of the nominees for this years’ idea workshop of the formnext. The so called “purmundus challenge” will award groundbreaking 3D printing ideas for people on the go. Not only the Light Rider is displayed at APWorks booth, you can also experience the triad.

Visit APWorks at formnext, hall 3.1 booth D51.

More details on APWorks offer and how APWorks paves the way for industrial 3D printing will be presented at the press talk with APWorks CEO Joachim Zettler (15.11.2016, 13:00, APWorks booth)

Award ceremony purmundus challenge – APWorks Light Rider as nominee (17.11.2016, 17:00, 3.1-K70)

About Airbus APWorks GmbH:
As a 100 % subsidiary of Airbus Group, Airbus APWorks GmbH makes proven aerospace technologies accessible in many different industries. Focusing on metal 3D printing (additive manufacturing) they cover the entire value chain, from optimized component and part design to the choice of suitable materials, from prototyping to qualified serial production. Their customers in robotics, mechanical engineering, automotive, medical technology and aerospace benefit from functionally integrated and optimized parts with reduced weight and lead time. 3D printing also allows much more complex geometries than were previously possible. Airbus APWorks GmbH is located at Ludwig Bölkow Campus in the south of Munich since 2013.

Airbus APWorks GmbH
Willy-Messerschmitt-Straße 1
82024 Taufkirchen / Germany

Source: Airbus APWorks GmbH

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