Exceed limits: BMW i8 customer event at APWorks

  • Exceed the limits of what is feasible. Even during a helicopter pursuit

Taufkirchen, April 2017: An exceptional event – approximately 50 guests and BMW i8 drivers visited APWorks in Taufkirchen, Germany end of March to get an overview of the Airbus subsidiary. Statements such as: “Incredible to see what metal 3D printing is already capable of today” by Christian Adler, Consultant for Digitalization and Innovation were quite common that day. The event’s highlight: a helicopter pursuing a BMW i8.

Joachim Zettler, CEO of APWorks started with an overview of the possibilities metal 3D printing offers. He showed applications from industries such as aerospace, medical technology, mechanical engineering, tooling, as well as Formula 1.

APWorks manufacturing hall (Photo courtesy of Airbus APWorks GmbH)

APWorks manufacturing hall with machines from EOS and Additive Industries (Photo courtesy of Airbus APWorks GmbH)

Zettler illustrated how the tool less manufacturing method of 3D printing can reduce lead time and costs for the motorsports industry. Furthermore, he demonstrated how individual and lightweight parts for compact racing car chassis can be designed and produced. Structural components get printed out of Scalmalloy® and thermally loaded parts out of Titanium. Marcus Pluntke, Product Manager BMW i8: “Although I am from the automotive industry, I did not know that the motorsports industry and especially Formula 1 is already using that many metal 3D printed parts. The possibilities 3D printing offers are impressive.”

Dushan Pamunuwa, an engineer at APWorks displayed how bionic optimization works. Always referring to the best practice example of the Light Rider, the world’s first 3D printed motorcycle prototype. “It is all about developing parts that are extremely high performing and durable, but require as less material as necessary.” Afterwards COO Dr. Matthias Asdonk guided the visitors through the APWorks manufacturing hall showing them machines from EOS and Additive Industries. Asdonk: “Our competitive advantage is that we not only print parts but also have a lot of knowhow in printing processes and materials. We consider the printing process while optimizing the parts.”

Helicopter pursuing a BMW i8 (Photo courtesy of Airbus APWorks GmbH)

Helicopter pursuing a BMW i8 (Photo courtesy of Airbus APWorks GmbH)

The event’s highlight was a helicopter pursuing a BMW i8. An action movie scenario that made the guests speechless. Angela Grünewald, responsible for Marketing at APWorks stated: “It was incredible to see the different manoeuvres the helicopter pilot was able to do and how the BMW i8 was accelerating right after the bends.”

About Airbus APWorks GmbH
As a 100 % subsidiary of Airbus, Airbus APWorks GmbH makes proven aerospace technologies accessible in many different industries. Focusing on metal 3D printing (additive manufacturing) the company covers the entire value chain, from optimized component and part design to the choice of suitable materials, from prototyping to qualified serial production. Customers in robotics, mechanical engineering, automotive, medical technology and aerospace benefit from functionally integrated and optimized parts with reduced weight and lead time. 3D printing also allows much more complex geometries than were previously possible. Airbus APWorks GmbH has been located on the Ludwig Bölkow Campus in the south of Munich since 2013.

Airbus APWorks GmbH
Willy-Messerschmitt-Straße 1
82024 Taufkirchen / Germany

Source: Airbus APWorks GmbH

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