Type A Machines Introduces Series 1 Pro with Flexible, Removable Build Surface and Adaptive Auto-Leveling

  • New features bring unprecedented ease-of-use and increased throughput to 3D printing, without compromising part geometry.

April 25, 2017 – Type A Machines®, the market leader in manufacturing-ready Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) 3D printers, today announced an update to its Series 1 line of 3D printers, delivering out-of-the-box, one-click printing. The updated Series 1 Pro features a magnetic interchangeable BuildTak® FlexPlate platform and Adaptive Auto-Leveling, enabling operators to eliminate surface preparation, and platform leveling from their workflow — two steps critical to success in the 3D printing process. Additionally, the new flex-to-remove feature reduces the reliance on hazardous scraper tools, such as spatulas and razor blades, to remove printed parts.

Adaptive Auto-Leveling, a hardware/software feature, uses a high-quality induction sensor to calibrate and correct for any build surface misalignment during print time. Unlike other active self-leveling methods, which inherently compromise the geometry of the resulting print, Type A Machines’ Adaptive Auto-Leveling relies on real-time error correction to ensure prints are square and true to the build surface, leaving your print geometrically uncompromised, while making 3D printing significantly easier and more reliable.

Series 1 G2 Extruder with Adaptive Auto-Leveling Sensor (Photo courtesy of Type A Machines)

Series 1 G2 Extruder with Adaptive Auto-Leveling Sensor (Photo courtesy of Type A Machines)

“Reliability and accuracy are the hallmarks of the Series 1 Pro 3D printer. With today’s announcement, we add ‘simplicity’ to the list of reasons to own a Series 1,” said Type A Machines’ founder Andrew Rutter. “The Series 1 delivers uncompromised quality, eliminates burdens for professionals, and delivers results which meet the criteria of engineers and manufacturers. The Series 1 Pro with BuildTak and Adaptive Auto-Leveling represents a significant step forward in increasing the efficiency and throughput of 3D manufacturing.”

The new Series 1 Pro with Adaptive Auto-Leveling, combined with BuildTak’s superior print adhesion properties, provides users with unparalleled ease of printing—continuous, out-of-the-box calibration, eliminating the need to manually level the platform or worry about adhesion.

“We’re eliminating the biggest challenges facing 3D printers users”, says Andrew Rutter. “The combination of BuildTak’s easy-to-print, easy-to-remove FlexPlate System and Adaptive Auto-Leveling, delivers unmatched part fidelity. The Series 1 Pro is the first industrial-level 3D printer capable of true out-of-the-box printing for professional operators.”

Adaptive Auto-Leveling improves print throughput by error correcting misaligned build surface (Photo courtesy of Type A Machines)

Adaptive Auto-Leveling improves print throughput by error correcting misaligned build surface (Photo courtesy of Type A Machines)

The Series 1 Pro is known for its reliability, large cubic-foot print volume, and capability to print in the industry’s most diverse range of materials (including Polycarbonates, abrasive Carbon Fiber, and metal-filled PLA) while handling challenging soft and flexible materials with ease.

Easy On, Easy Off BuildTak FlexPlate System
The Series 1 Pro’s fast-heating 360W 12”x12” build surface now features a magnetic base fitted with the BuildTak FlexPlate System, eliminating the hassle of both platform preparation and print removal. Users can begin printing immediately, without the need to apply glue or costly kapton tape. Once a print is complete, an operator can simply remove the FlexPlate from the magnetic base, bend the flexible plate to pop the prints off, and then replace the FlexPlate to begin another print immediately.

“We are extremely excited to partner with Type A Machines to bring the BuildTak FlexPlate System to the Series 1 Pro,” said Mike Valentine, Vice President at BuildTak. “Type A Machines’ reputation for professional-level manufacturing and innovation make it a perfect fit for their users, as the BuildTak FlexPlate System was designed to dramatically speed up the 3D print removal process. In addition, Series 1 Pro operators can have the ability to quickly swap out their print beds using a second FlexPlate, which is ideal in a production setting.”

Each Series 1 Pro ships with two sheets of BuildTak. Additional BuildTak FlexPlates and sheets of BuildTak are available on Type A Machines’ online store in a variety of quantities.

Adaptive Auto-Leveling
Adaptive Auto-Leveling, standard with all new Series 1 Pro 3D printers, removes the most labor intensive aspect of 3D printing—calibrating the build surface. Manual calibration requires an experienced operator several minutes to perform. Type A Machines’ Adaptive Auto-Leveling automates the process using an inductive sensor and corrects for build surface misalignment during printing to ensure a successful first layer. Unlike typical consumer 3D printers which deliver “auto-leveling” by actively modifying the part, compromising every print, Adaptive Auto-Leveling performs error-mapping and corrects for misalignment in real-time, ensuring every layer is parallel, and true to the build surface, reliably delivering uncompromised results.

Pricing and Availability
Series 1 Pro – featuring a 12” x 12” x 12” build surface with Adaptive Auto-Leveling, heated BuildTak FlexPlate System, G2 Extruder with stainless steel hot end, webcam, Wi-Fi, and 1 year warranty – MSRP $3,995 (US)

The Series 1 Pro is available immediately on the company’s online store and authorized Type A Machines resellers.

The BuildTak FlexPlate System and Adaptive Auto-Leveling are available immediately as upgrades for existing Series 1 3D printers for $299. Customers who purchased a Series 1 Pro within the past 30 days can add these new features to their printers at a 50% discount for a limited time.

About Type A Machines
Type A Machines, Inc. designs and manufactures the Series 1™ line of FFF/FDM 3D printers and the industry-first Print Pod™, a centrally-managed parallel-production manufacturing solution which can scale from 6 to 60 Series 1 3D printers, deliver a lower cost­ per ­part than injection molding, and which is ideal for makerspaces, print farms, classrooms, libraries and other heavy printing environments. An industry pioneer, Type A Machines is delivering the future of manufacturing, today. The Series 1 is designed and manufactured in the U.S.A..

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