3D Hybrid Solutions and Multiax Launch the World’s Largest Metal 3D Printer

  • Offers Metal Printing Tools for any CNC machine

Pittsburgh, PA — 3D Hybrid Solutions Inc., a provider of metal printing tools for any CNC machine announced today a joint venture with Multiax to offer the world’s largest metal 3D printer at RAPID + TCT on May 9th 2017.  (See us in Booth #1346)

The collaboration with Multiax, a large format 5 axis CNC machine tool builder offers a printable and machine-able space in excess of 500 cubic meters. It will also be one of the fastest metal 3D printers with speeds beyond 20 pounds per hour.

The addition of a metal printing tool to a CNC machine embraces the inherent need of post machining, but also brings with it added values such as machined internal features, 5 axis printing, and the efficient approach of printing only what is necessary.

Photo courtesy of 3D Hybrid Solutions

Photo courtesy of 3D Hybrid Solutions

“Hybrid manufacturing is the future for medium to large-scale metal additive manufacturing,” said Karl Hranka, founder, 3D Hybrid Solutions. “The infrastructure costs and paired value makes hybrid the obvious answer.”

Multiax and 3D Hybrid Solutions aim to target the large-scale metal additive manufacturing market as the only supplier. In metal additive manufacturing, parts are built near net shape with only a small amount of material removal being required, allowing lighter duty CNC machines to meet the requirement.

3D Hybrid Solutions also makes its announcement that they are offering their Multi-Metal Printing Tool for nearly any CNC machine including 5 axis mills and lathes. As leaders in applying the technology to past clients in the rocket, aerospace and machine industry they know the power in it. Their tool allows applications involving complex 5-axis, multi-metal designs to become a reality.  Printing in 5 axis eliminates the need for support structures and offers nearly unlimited freedom in design.

“Some of humanity’s greatest engineering feats are now happening because hybrid has the ability to economically furnish parts made with blends of dissimilar metals and composites. It’s material property freedom,” said Hranka.

About 3D Hybrid Solutions
3D Hybrid Solutions was founded to change the world through the development and application of the metal additive manufacturing technology by commercializing it into CNC machines, the perfect complement to Direct Energy Deposition.  3D Hybrid Solutions considers this technology another tool for the CNC machine but respects its differences for integration.  3D Hybrid Solutions offers their Metal Printing Tool for virtually any CNC machine as well as turn-key process development services. Learn more at www.3dhybridsolutions.com.

About Multiax
Multiax was founded in 1995 with the idea to provide high quality CNC machining centers and since then, more than 200 Multiax machining centers has been engineered, produced, installed and serviced by a rapidly growing team, competent and motivated, with more than 30 years of experience.

“We have been specializing in developing customized solutions in close collaboration with our customers and integrate innovative and exclusive devices on our CNC machining centers to optimize the critical points of the process and create a consistent added value” – Davide Chiarottin, Sales Executive and Co-Founder of Multiax CNC.

The innate skill for craftsmanship, engineering and design along with true capability to establish long lasting relationships, make Multiax the perfect partner for international customers, ensuring the maximum technical and economic success of the investment. Companies using Multiax 5-axis CNC machines in the aerospace, automotive and mold / mold makers are the best witnesses to confirm the added value produced by Multiax CNC machining centers.

“We believe that hybrid metal 3D printers with CNC machining capabilities embedded on the same machine give great advantages, especially on medium-large printing envelopes,”  said Chiarottin. See more at www.multiax.com

Source: 3D Hybrid Solutions

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