BigRep Premieres Innovative 3D-Printed Prototype for E-Mobility: Showcasing a New Dimension of Additive Manufacturing.


Berlin, 20 November 2018 – Opening a new dimension for Additive Manufacturing, these prototypes, designed by NOWlab, the BigRep innovation consultancy and printed on BigRep’s large-scale 3D printers, include a groundbreaking prototype for an e-mobility application.

Using 3D printing technology for cutting-edge e-mobility solutions, BigRep has developed the world’s first fully (FFF) 3D-printed and functional e-motorcycle, the NERA e-motorcycle. As a distinction from similar prototypes, all NERA parts, excluding electrical components, have been 3D-printed, including tires, rims, frame, fork and seat.

World-First Fully 3D Printed e-Motorcycle (Photo courtesy of BigRep GmbH)

World-First Fully 3D Printed e-Motorcycle (Photo courtesy of NOWlab/BigRep GmbH)

“These exciting prototypes not only demonstrate the unprecedented capacity of FFF large-scale 3D printing technology in Additive Manufacturing”, said Stephan Beyer, PhD, CEO of BigRep GmbH.” They also emphasize our unique ability as the market’s innovation and thought leader to bring cutting-edge technologies from design to reality, providing an added-value market lead for our industrial customers.”

“The NERA combines several innovations developed by NOWlab, such as the airless tire, functional integration and embedded sensor technology”, explained Daniel Büning, co-founder and Managing Director of NOWlab. “This bike and our other prototypes push the limits of engineering creativity and will reshape AM technology as we know it.”

NERA illustrates the massive benefits that 3D printing offers for the production of end-use parts, particularly for batch sizes between lot size one to small series, by reducing lead times and costs, optimizing supply chains and limiting dependency on supplier networks.

World-First Fully 3D Printed e-Motorcycle (Video courtesy of NOWlab/BigRep GmbH)

In building NERA, the engineers didn’t simply adapt existing motorcycle designs, but instead envisioned a bike for large-format FFF technology, setting a benchmark for truly creative design; breaking the limits of traditional mechanical engineering. Among the many innovations featured in NERA are the airless tires with customized tread; a lightweight rhomboid wheel rim, as well as flexible bumpers (instead of suspension) and the electric engine, which is fitted in a customizable case.

At a glance:

  • Dimensions: 190cm x 90cm x 55cm
  • Weight: approximately 60 kg (including electric motor, battery, and all components)
  • Total number of 3D-printed parts: 15
  • Biggest single 3D-printed part: 120cm x 45cm x 20cm (thanks to use of BigRep large-scale 3D printers)

About BigRep
BigRep develops the world’s largest serial production 3D printers, creating the industry benchmark for large-scale printing with the aim to reshape manufacturing. Its award-winning, German-engineered machines are establishing new standards in speed, reliability and efficiency. BigRep’s printers are the preferred choice of engineers, designers and manufacturers at leading companies in the industrial, automotive and aerospace sectors.

Through collaborations with its strategic partners – including Bosch Rexroth, Etihad Airways and Deutsche Bahn – and key investors – including BASF, Koehler, Klöckner and Körber – BigRep continues to develop complete solutions for integrated additive manufacturing systems, as well as a wide range of printing materials on an open-choice source. Founded in 2014, BigRep is headquartered in Berlin with offices in Boston and Singapore. Leading the way in one of the world’s key technologies, our multinational engineering teams are highly trained, interdisciplinary and customer-focused.


Source: BigRep GmbH

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