ARC & Link3D Announce Partnership At AeroDef to Enable Standards Compliance Through Additive Manufacturing Workflow Software

  •  New AM Digital Approach Allows For Compliance Adherence for SAE International and NASA Regulatory Authorities with Enhancements of Additive Manufacturing Workflow Processes

Long Beach, CA — May 1, 2019 — At this year’s Aerodef event, Link3D, a New York-based additive manufacturing software company is excited to announce its partnership with Additive Rocket Corporation (ARC), a California high performance and ultra-low cost additive manufacturing rocket engine company. The partnership is the first step and major move for ARC to introduce Additive MES within its organization.

Link3D software will not only streamline ARC’s 3D printing production to produce reliable and affordable propulsion solutions, but also implement a unified, data-driven approach to empower ARC to consistently follow, enforce, and comply to regulatory authorities (namely SAE International, NASA and AS9100 standards).

Kyle Adriany, Co-Founder & CTO of ARC explains: “Link3D is the perfect compliment to our design process, streamlining our manufacturing operations and building quality into the workflow.” Link3D’s Standards Compliance Program is a built-in solution of its additive manufacturing workflow software that tremendously helps organizations in Aerospace & Defense increase productivity and reliability, improve its market position, reduce costs and advance new technologies.”

Vishal Singh, CTO of Link3D says, “We are excited to announce our partnership at Aerodef, surrounded by aerospace and defense organizations and satellite startups to share the possibilities of AM technology.” “Link3D and ARC’s collaboration has a mission to streamline regulatory compliance for additive manufacturing by making it seamless for organizations to take advantage of Link3D for data traceability, and document tracking through various stages of AM.”

Adherence to quality control and QA requirements from each regulatory standards board (e.g.: SAE, NASA, AS9100, ISO 9001) will be embedded into Link3D’s additive manufacturing workflow solution to trace and track governing standards including, but not limited to: part classification, qualification testing, process controls, material properties, finishing, cleaning and repair allowances, and part inspection.

“ARC’s mission is to democratize space by providing reliable and affordable propulsion solutions. Additive manufacturing has been around for decades, but our industry is just beginning to embrace the technology. Engineers were designing for manufacturability. We are now designing for optimization and that is what makes it revolutionary” says Andy Kieatiwong, Co-Founder and CEO of ARC.

As additive manufacturing matures, knowledge gaps in standardizing process parameter sensitivity, mechanical properties, machine calibration / maintenance, vendor quality approvals, and other risks associated with the production of high quality parts are becoming more defined. Link3D will enable its workflow software to ensure the ability to track and trace data in a secure environment to help organizations like ARC prove simplify and integrate quality management into additive.

Shane Fox, CEO & Co-Founder of Link3D says, “we are humbled to collaborate with such brilliant and forward thinking minds at ARC. We are proud to call ourselves partners as we push the boundaries of additive manufacturing.” “ARC’s approach to design for additive manufacturing of rocket engines and unique business model will surely disrupt the way rockets are launched into space.”

Ease of compliance to SAE Aerospace and NASA standards for ARC is crucial. Other major sectors that are integrating Link3D Additive MES workflow software include Aerospace & Defense, Government, Automotive, Medical Industrial. This adoption is representative of the trend toward mass adoption of additive manufacturing. The transferable expertise between industries will enable leaders to achieve the benefits of increasing qualities of part production while saving valuable engineering time.

Link3D provides additive manufacturing execution workflow software to connect the digital thread and help organizations build and scale their industrial 3D printing processes. Link3D centralizes AM workflows across internal or external manufacturing ecosystems by introducing a suite of solutions designed to streamline your end-to-end processes. The company is the first to use blockchain technology in AM processes to promote the mass adoption of industrial 3D printing. Link3D was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in NYC. Vist Link3D here:

ARC is an innovative aerospace company that 3D prints metal rocket engines for the expanding space industry. They leverage additive manufacturing and industry-leading scientists to create high performance propulsion components. Coupling extensive high performance computing (HPC) and additive manufacturing methods, ARC is able to create propulsion systems in one-tenth the time of competitors and at 50% the cost. ARC is innovating the manufacturing and design process for essential components to further (and more affordably) explore space. Visit ARC here:

Source: Link3D

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