AREVO Software and Materials Engineers Chosen as “Outstanding Technical Paper Winner: Second Place” at the SAMPE 2019 Conference and Exhibition

  • One of the World’s Leading Events for the Composite Materials Industry

Milpitas, CA – May 22, 2019 – AREVO, the Silicon Valley company redefining global composite manufacturing through digitalization, today announced that a technical paper focusing on continuous fiber thermoplastic composites was awarded second place as an “Outstanding Technical Paper” at the SAMPE 2019 Conference and Exhibition, one of the world’s foremost technical events for the composites industry.

The paper, “Reliable Optimized Structures with High Performance Continuous Fiber Thermoplastic Composites from Additive Manufacturing,” was authored by senior members of AREVO’s engineering team:  Dr. Danning Zhang, Dr. Natalie Rudolph, and Dr. Peter Woytowitz. The paper describes a new direct energy deposition (DED) process that improves the consolidation quality and mechanical performance of structural materials reinforced with continuous carbon fiber – and why this achievement is critical to the advancement of additive manufacturing (AM), also referred to as “3D printing.”

More than 250 abstracts and technical papers were submitted for SAMPE 2019 and three were selected as outstanding by the SAMPE Technical Committee, comprised of leading figures from a broad cross section of both industry and academia, and the SAMPE Technical Director. Winning authors will be recognized during the SAMPE 2019 Awards Breakfast Thursday, May 23 from 8:00 AM – 9:15 AM in Ballroom A, at the Charlotte Convention Center.

“Choosing the Outstanding Technical Papers for a SAMPE conference is a challenge, as well as an honor,” said Scott Beckwith, PhD, FSAMPE, SAMPE Global Technical Director. “The down-selection process starts with 25 papers selected initially by the conference Session Chairs. The top three represent 1 – 2 percent of the total submitted. AREVO had several unique discoveries in their technical paper and we look forward to their presentation at SAMPE 2019.”

A special issue of SAMPE’s Journal of Advanced Materials containing these Outstanding Technical Papers will be published after the SAMPE conference and made available free to SAMPE members.

“I would like to congratulate Dr. Danning Zhang, Dr. Natalie Rudolph, and Dr. Peter Woytowitz for their leadership and this recognition from one of the leading organizations in the composites industry,” said Hemant Bheda, CEO and Co-Founder of AREVO. “This award reflects the top notch team we have here at AREVO, which includes 12 PhDs in computer science, materials science, and robotics. Their work is leading important advances in composite materials and additive manufacturing.”

Additionally, this week AREVO named Dr.-Ing. Natalie Rudolph as Vice President of R&D.  Dr. Rudolph joined Arevo nearly two years ago as Director of Materials & Process to develop the world’s best M&P team. The team’s achievements within the company’s “AREVO DNA” thermoplastic deposition technology are perhaps best embodied by the recent introduction of the world’s first 3D-printed carbon fiber unibody bike frame.

“Building upon this success, as VP of R&D and head of engineering, Natalie will continue to lead Arevo’s success to transform the global composites manufacturing sector through digitalization,” added Hemant Bheda, Arevo co-founder and Chairman.

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is accelerating new applications of composite parts from idea to production through innovations in algorithms, robotics, and materials. Through enabling the 3D printing of large, mass-produced parts and structures from bikes to aircraft, AREVO is revolutionizing mainstream manufacturing and the global supply chain.

Source: AREVO, Inc.


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