nScrypt Delivers Factory in a Tool to Advanced Ceramics Innovator

Orlando, FL:  nScrypt has delivered and installed a Factory in a Tool (FiT) platform to France’s CTTC, known in French as the Centre de Transfert de Technologies Céramiques and known in English as the Center for Technology Transfers in Ceramics. CTTC plans to use the FiT to print fine conductive lines conformally on various substrates. 

According to Dr. Olivier Durand, CTTC’s CEO“We selected nScrypt’s 3Dn-Tabletop machine because it meets the needs of our electronics materials project and it expands our technological portfolio of Direct Writing Printers.”

CTTC selected a 3Dn-Tabletop (Single-Head), multi-material, precision ball screw motion platform with a rotary stage, which is outfitted with a SmartPumpTM microdispensing tool head and nVision cameras that monitor the tool head for automated in-process inspection and computer vision routines.  The system also includes a point laser height sensor for Z-tracking and mapping for conformal printing onto objects of any surface shape.

Photo courtesy of nScrypt
Photo courtesy of nScrypt

Headquartered in Limoges, France, CTTC is a leading innovation catalyst in the field of advanced ceramics, providing high-level technological solutions designed to lead rapidly to new products and services for its partners.  CTTC engages in collaborative research projects with public research laboratories and supports industrial projects to foster innovation in the fields of high performance ceramics, ceramics manufacturing processes, and additive manufacturing for ceramics and multimaterial components.

According to nScrypt’s CEO, Ken Church – “This machine’s SmartPumpTM  can microdispense more than 10,000 commercially available materials. We have sold machines to many universities and labs around the world, and we are honored that an organization as respected and technologically advanced as CTTC has selected our platform for precision microdispensing of conductive materials. This machine is perfect for printing electronic materials, conformally on virtually any surface.”

The FiT’s SmartPumpTM  microdispensing tool head eliminates drooling with pico-liter volumetric control and boasts the widest range of materials available for any microdispensing system: more than 10,000 commercially available materials, ranging from a few centipoise (like water) to millions of centipoise (much thicker than peanut butter).  The SmartPump’s™ pen tip has the smallest commercially available diameter, 10 microns. 

About nScrypt
Orlando, Florida-based nScrypt designs and manufactures award-winning, next-generation, high-precision microdispensing and 3D Manufacturing equipment and solutions for industrial applications, with unmatched accuracy and flexibility. Serving the printed electronics, electronics packaging, solar cell metallization, communications, printed antenna, life science, chemical/pharmaceutical, defense, space, and 3D printing industries, our equipment and solutions are widely used by the military, academic and research institutes, government agencies and national labs, and private companies. The nScrypt BAT Series Bioprinter, which won the 2003 R&D 100 award, launched to the International Space Station in July 2019. www.nScrypt.com.  

Source: nScrypt

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