purmundus challenge Looks at Harmony Between Geometry and Materials

This year’s finalists show the enormous potential of additive manufacturing. 3D and 4D printing are more than ever and increasingly around the world a core manufacturing process paving the way for smart innovations in various different markets. The 2020 purmundus challenge, which is being held from 28 October to 31 December 2020 of the Formnext Connect, shines a spotlight on forward-looking product ideas from 13 countries on 5 continents under the motto “Geometry and Material in Harmony”.

Photo courtesy of purmundus challenge
Photo courtesy of purmundus challenge

The finalists in this year’s purmundus challenge are innovative, forward-looking concepts in the fields of medicine, 4D printing, automation, robotics, kinematics, mobility and aerospace engineering. In addition to a fashion collection, textiles as the frame for an item of clothing, and shoes, the finalists include two sports products. Design products from the film industry and the fields of architecture, interior design, leisure, education, food made from vegetable proteins and a luminescent organism for the living room are also in the running. Innovative new materials, potential applications for professionally manufactured AM porosity and other characteristics of digital materials, and new post-processing technology are also being presented.

The design competition for 3D and 4D printing is being supported by major, internationally renowned players in the 3D printing sector. The panel will present the winners of the purmundus challenge with their awards on 11 November 2020. The panel is judging the benefits in terms of use, economy and aesthetics as well as the design itself and the innovation. The awards are worth a total of 30,000 euros.

This is the eighth time that the 3D and 4D printing award for the purmundus challenge has been presented. A total of 35 finalists now stand a chance of winning the prestigious purmundus challenge trophy. The live-broadcast award ceremony will take place in Frankfurt. In addition to the first three places, the purmundus challenge will also feature awards in the categories of “Special Mention” and “Simulation-Driven Design”, as well as an “Innovation Prize” and, for the first time, a “Newcomer Prize”. A “people’s choice” award, the winner of which is determined using the external PollUnit platform, completes the purmundus challenge.

More information at www.purmundus-challenge.com

About purmundus challenge
Receiving an award as part of the purmundus challenge is seen as one of the most important design-related distinctions in the field of 3D and 4D printing. Since 2012 the purmundus challenge is inviting creative minds to explore new paths in additive manufacturing. The international design competition addresses itself to students, design studios, companys and instituts that like to meet the challenge of 3D and 4D printing. Almost every kind of submission is possible – from a simple concept to a market ready product. Every year the finalists are displayed on a specialized fair where a selected international jury evaluates the submissions. Following this the winners will be rewarded within a festive setting. (purmundus-challenge.com)

About cirp GmbH
purmundus challenge is a trademark of cirp GmbH. Since 1994 the cirp GmbH produces models, prototypes and small series in polymers with additive manufacturing. As a partner in collaborative research projects, the cirp GmbH is also involved to shift and expand the possibilities and limitations of additive manufacturing continuously from the idea to the product. (www.cirp.de)

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