Link3D Launches Post-Production Management App To Bring 3D Printing To Mobile

New app gives organizations complete control of post-production processing and job management 

October 14, 2020 — Boulder, CO — Link3D, an Additive Manufacturing Execution System supporting end-to-end 3D processes, is excited to announce the availability of its first ever mobile app: Post-Production Management App. This new application will change the way companies and organizations manage their post-production processes and provide a streamlined flow by allowing for quick and efficient management of 3D printed parts, creating a truly digital thread. 

Image courtesy of Link3D
Image courtesy of Link3D

Link3D offers solutions for organizations to scale their additive manufacturing processes 
and enables workflow automation by connecting IT, hardware, and software technologies with APIs. With the ability to configure order forms and collect data in any language, facilities can accept, quote, and cost orders from anywhere in the world. The Post-Production Management App, lets teams maximize and optimize end-to-end processes in conjunction with the Production Dashboard that automatically keeps track of queued, completed, and failed parts. 

With the app, Link3D customers will be able to:

  • Locate parts by (1) scanning a QR code (2) filtering by tasks (3) Work Center hub
  • Review and update the status at each step from “Not Started” to “Arrived,” “In Progress,” “Completed,” or “Failed” 
  • Automatically route the parts through a series of Work Centers defined by the traveler
  • Manage yield by tracking how many parts were completed successfully at each Work Center, and how many require reprinting
  • Track Failure Reasons for each Work Center to increase traceability of yield management on the production floor
  • Track the labor and machine hours required to complete each Post Process for different parts and Work Orders
  • Complete pre and post-checklists to ensure that the technician successfully followed all work instructions
  • Upload and view documentation / images for traceability of what is happening at each Work Center
  • View Additional Order Details to provide context for the full order including Customer Information and detailed production requirements for a given part

Lara Janse van Vuuren, Technical Program Manager at Link3D adds, “We have seen the Post Production app streamline the post processing steps and increase the traceability without adding overhead to every task. The paper trail is eliminated without losing the sign offs and accountability for each step after the printing process.”

As more and more companies begin to adopt additive manufacturing and 3D printed processes, it will become critical to make each job as seamless and connected as possible. Link3D’s Post-Production Management App gives companies control of their jobs and complete transparency of each step in the production process.  

About Link3D
Link3D, headquartered in Boulder, CO, provides a suite of mission-critical applications that are instrumental to organizations scaling their additive manufacturing ecosystem. Link3D enables organizations to plan, manage, and optimize their supply chains with Workflow, Manufacturing Execution, & Quality Management Systems. Visit Link3D here: 

Source: Link3D

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