Smart3D Launches New Industrial 3D Printer for High Performance Materials

[November 5, 2020] Following on from the launch of the Smart3D Macro Prototyping Unit and Production Module, Industry Supplies announced their new 3D printing solution, launching next week at Formnext Connect. The Smart3D Macro HT offers excellence of printing in high-performance materials including Smart3D PEEK, PEEK CF, PEKK, ULTEM1010, ULTEM9085, PPSU, as well as supporting third-party materials.

The actively heated 200°C chamber ensures optimum print results based on the principle that thermal stability is crucial to enable a material extrusion process to produce high performance parts. Polymers, particularly crystallines, are prone to contraction when the chamber’s temperature is unstable. In addition, when printing at the polymer’s glass transition temperature, layer adhesion and isotropic strength are enhanced, which are key enablers for additive manufacturing to replace traditional subtractive processes. With the company’s Hybrid Drying Technology™, materials are actively dried ahead of the printing to ensure reliable results.

Photo courtesy of Smart3D
Photo courtesy of Smart3D

The Macro HT also features a beltless motion system, utilizing ball screws for XY motion. This leads to improved accuracy and significantly reduced downtime, with less wear and tear and a reduction in regular maintenance. The Macro HT is production ready, enabling companies to transition from product development with their Prototyping Units (PU) to manufacturing with their Production Modules (PM) with a shared hardware, software and material platform. Smart3D PM’s have been designed for a flexible configuration dependent on the user’s needs. While companies may use their PM’s for the mass production of repeated sets of parts, the customers can decide how many of each module’s 4 print chambers need to be HT capable.

Offering the same unique software benefits as the Smart3D Macro, Macro HT utilizes the Smart3D Cloud, with the option to install the Smart3D LAN printer management software locally. The company’s solution for the production floor is Smart3D Serverless, a decentralized neural network to provide safe connections with unbeatable redundancy. The Factory Management module offers multiple packages to integrate Smart3D systems with the factory’s full workflow.

Smart3D Macro HT launches at this year’s Formnext Connect and will be available from December 2020. Interested customers may visit Smart3D online at Formnext. To virtually attend the event next week (10th – 12th November 2020), customers can visit the Formnext ticket shop to benefit from 100% discounted tickets using the code FN20AS184. Learn more at

“Ever-increasing material possibilities and customer needs drive our focus to create additive manufacturing solutions that serve the industrial workplace and accelerate Industry 4.0. We are pleased to be bringing our full portfolio, including the new Smart3D Macro HT to Formnext Connect this year. In a disruptive year for industries around the world, additive manufacturing continues to offer alternatives for local manufacturing. We’re happy the show helps us bring our products to a virtual audience and become inspired by other companies’ innovative applications.” Roberto Gawianski, CEO, Industry Supplies.

About Industry Supplies
Industry Supplies have created the Smart3D range to answer the demands of the rapidly growing industrial 3D printing industry. They have previously released the Smart3D Macro Prototyping Unit and Production Module, to streamline the process from product development to production, as well as the Smart3D Multimaterial Dryer, a filament drying solution capable to simultaneously drying a wide range of materials in less than 3 hours. Committed to Industry 4.0 and to high security and redundancy for use in industrial environments, the Smart3D range provides an opportunity to develop ­­manufacturing with new technologies and materials. Visit for more information.

Source: Smart3D

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