nScrypt 3D Prints Gaskets for Jet Car Fuel Pumps

Orlando, Florida: nScrypt is excited to announce that the all new Larsen Motorsports Generation 6 jet car dragster uses gaskets in its afterburner fuel system 3D printed by nScrypt on its nRugged Factory in a Tool (FiT), the first and only 3D manufacturing system for use in harsh environments.

According to Chris Larsen, CEO of Larsen Motorsports: The jet racing industry standard afterburner fuel pumps that most jet cars use were produced in the 1960’s. We have a very large inventory of surplus afterburner fuel pumps, but all of them have seals that are now deteriorated beyond serviceability. When nScrypt showed us how we could 3D print new seal sets, we were instantly interested. We are now testing the nScrypt 3D printed seals currently with a 100% success rate.

Photo courtesy of nScyrpt
Photo courtesy of nScrypt

Mike Newton, nScrypt’s Director of Electronics Packaging, believes 3D manufacturing is the future of 3D printing, and that the nRugged system gives nScrypt and its customers an edge for printing in harsh environments and for harsh environment applications. 

According to Mr. Newton: We are excited at the opportunity to collaborate with Larsen Motorsports on its Gen 6 jet car dragster, which is an ideal platform for 3D printing and testing both mechanical parts, like the fuel pump gaskets, but also 3D manufactured electronics, which are our systems’ sweetspot.

The gaskets were printed using PEEK and survived a 6 month soak in jet engine fuel before installation in the fuel pump. PEEK (polyetheretherketone) is high-performance thermoplastic with outstanding mechanical strength and chemical resistance properties that are retained to high temperatures.

About nScrypt
Orlando, Florida-based nScrypt designs and manufactures award-winning, next-generation, high-precision microdispensing, 3D Manufacturing, and biomanufacturing equipment and solutions for industrial applications, with unmatched accuracy and flexibility. Serving the printed electronics, electronics packaging, solar cell metallization, communications, printed antenna, life science, chemical/pharmaceutical, defense, space, 3D printing, and bioprinting industries, our equipment and solutions are widely used by the military, academic and research institutes, government agencies and national labs, and private companies. The nScrypt BAT Series Bioprinter, which won the 2003 R&D 100 award, launched to the International Space Station in July 2019. www.nScrypt.com.  

About Larson Motorsports
Based in Palm Bay, FL, the headquarters of Larsen Motorsports is embedded within the heart of Florida’s Space Coast manufacturing and technology corridor.  Our 30,000 square foot facility reflects the ultimate blend of traditional manufacturing and the cutting edge of manufacturing technology; we are a leading research and development company with full concept, design, engineering and operational capabilities in house.

Source: nScrypt

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