HP Partners with Software Developer AMFG to Streamline Production Process on Multi Jet Machines

The industrial world has been undergoing a digital transformation for well over a decade, and the implementation of digital factories featuring HP’s Multi Jet Fusion technology is on the rise. To assist in the design and implementation of these factories, HP is offering enhanced 3D Factory Services to support the key processes necessary for industrial management and the large-scale production of high-quality parts. The 3D Factory Services offering comprises of facilities and equipment assessment, human capital planning and training, and design and implementation of production processes. The offering also includes advanced digital services such as the HP 3D Application Programming Interface (API).

In addition, HP is expanding its 3D API to the industry’s top software companies, including Autonomous Manufacturing (AMFG), an industry leader in MES and workflow software. AMFG predominantly provides customisable software to the additive manufacturing industry, but a challenge they’re seeing is that AM manufacturers have little visibility and traceability of the manufacturing process when working with a range of different hardware and software.

That’s where HP 3D API provides real benefits. It allows MJF Jet Fusion machines to connect to systems in a secure and scalable way, increasing the interoperability of hardware and software and enabling the two to communicate better with each other. HP 3D API enables customers to centralise end-to-end workflows, provide real-time status of their Jet Fusion systems and receive critical alerts and information for more efficient processes and less downtime.

Danny Winn, Head of Markets Innovation at AMFG, commented, “As manufacturing organisations grow, their world just becomes more complex, and more challenging to manage. The interoperability of HP 3D API enables greater functionality between hardware and software, ultimately aiding manufacturers to simplify their shop floor.” 

In conjunction with AMFG, customers will be able to connect to the global infrastructure of Application Centres using HP Jet Fusion printers, which will give them a greater understanding of data patterns related to machine utilisation, failure rate, geometrical specifications, and processing parameters.

George Brasher, MD of UK&I at HP added, “We are focused on unlocking the full potential of large-scale additive manufacturing. HP Software Solutions enable you to reach new levels of operational efficiency, part quality, and personalisation. We’re bringing together technologies and capabilities that have never been brought together before to deliver unprecedented automation, repeatability, and efficiency in additive manufacturing.”

HP has also launched HP 3D Process Control, a software service designed to deliver unparalleled dimensional accuracy across a fleet of Multi Jet printers through a single specific calibration job.

For more information on HP Multi Jet Fusion technology, please visit the HP Website for further details.

For more information on AMFG, please visit the website for further details.

Source: HP

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