nScrypt to Present and Show nRugged at AMUG

Orlando, FL:  nScrypt’s LJ Holmes will speak at AMUG as part of the program entitled “Developing and Transitioning Best AM Practices for Technological Dominance for Our Warfighters.” LJ will focus on nScrypt’s 3D manufacturing systems and their use by the U.S. Department of Defense, and will also discuss how multi-material multi-technology fabrication in a single manufacturing system can reduce supply chain shortfalls experienced during the pandemic.

nScrypt will also have its nRugged 3D manufacturing system in its AMUG booth. nRugged is the first and only precision 3D manufacturing system/biomanufacturing platform for use in harsh environments.

nRugged 3D manufacturing system (Photo courtesy of nScrypt)
nRugged 3D manufacturing system (Photo courtesy of nScrypt)

nRugged is the ruggedized version of nScrypt’s direct digital manufacturing platform (aka Factory in a Tool (FiT)), factory-configured for either 3D manufacturing or bioprinting with automatic tool changes. For example, a complete electronic device or a bioactive bandage can be digitally manufactured in the same machine. The bioprinter configuration can print both biologics and non-biologics with a broad palette of materials. nRugged solves the problem of manufacturing a precision product, not just a part, in harsh environments, like on a Navy ship in rough waters or on the back of a trailer.

The system can be outfitted with up to four tool heads, in any combination, for microdispensing, material extrusion, aerosol jetting, milling and polishing, and pick-and-place, using 10,000+ material choices. The standard machine sports a carbon fiber exoskeleton and 150x150mm heated print bed, and prints 238mm in the X axis, 173 mm in the Y axis, and 152mm in the Z axis.   

nScrypt’s nRugged has been used by the U.S. military in a forward-deployed desert environment and a rugged version of nScrypt’s bioprinter was launched to the International Space Station in July 2019, for bioprinting human heart tissue in microgravity.

According to Dr. Ken Church, nScrypt’s CEO: nRugged is a complete 3D manufacturing system, not just a 3D printer. Because it’s a version of our Factory in a Tool, it solves the problem of building a precision product, not just a part, and does it in harsh environments. The real advantage of this tough machine is rapid mobility, while maintaining precision. We are excited to show it at AMUG this year.

About nScrypt
Orlando, Florida-based nScrypt designs and manufactures award-winning, next-generation, high-precision microdispensing, 3D Manufacturing, and biomanufacturing equipment and solutions for industrial applications, with unmatched accuracy and flexibility. Serving the printed electronics, electronics packaging, solar cell metallization, communications, printed antenna, life science, chemical/pharmaceutical, defense, space, 3D printing, and bioprinting industries, our equipment and solutions are widely used by the military, academic and research institutes, government agencies and national labs, and private companies. The nScrypt BAT Series Bioprinter, which won the 2003 R&D 100 award, launched to the International Space Station in July 2019. www.nScrypt.com.  

Source: nScrypt

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