CRP Technology Launches New Proprietary Material Windform® RS

Modena, Italy, 1st June 2021 CRP Technology, a leading 3D printing company, announces the new proprietary material Windform® RS, polyamide-based carbon fiber filled composite with incomparable and exceptional mechanical characteristics, for superior AM performance.

Windform® RS is the tenth material of the Windform® TOP-LINE range of composite materials created, formulated and developed by CRP Technology for Powder Bed Fusion process with composite polymers fibers-reinforced.

“CRP Technology has been always working hard to bring forward customizable PBF 3D printing solutions for any scenario”, says Engineer Franco Cevolini, CEO and CTO, CRP Technology. “We’re building upon CRP Technology’s legacy in materials for AM to create new ones at the highest level for our customers’ benefit, and Windform® RS proves it: our focus on innovation led to the creation of a composite material with a very high Tensile Strength (85.25 MPa) that has at the same time excellent ductility (Elongation at Break of 9.46%) and low density (1,10 g / cc).”

“To date, there is no material upon the 3D printing market that can compete with Windform® RS: the combination of high resistance and high resilience makes Windform® RS unique in the AM world.”

Windform® RS is resistant to damage, shock, vibrations, deformations and high temperatures. Its high resilience/strength properties allow it to withstand shocks at various ranges of temperature, even sub-zero:

“Windform® RS has been successfully tested to – 40 °C” adds Cevolini. It is resistant to water and liquid absorption down to just 1 millimeter part thickness and has been rated HB according to the flammability UL 94 test. Windform® RS provides enhanced functionality, offering product designers and engineers greater flexibility and speed in developing intricate parts that must be resistant to fatigue, shocks, high and low temperatures. Moreover Windform® RS offers excellent ease of printing during the manufacturing of parts. “This is a very important property – Cevolini states – not to underestimate. Many materials on the AM market claim high performance, but their “printability” turns to be difficult during the sintering of the part, thus complications arise leading to bad quality and poor performance. This does not happen with Windform® RS and with all our composite materials: the Windform® TOP-LINE range offers high performance and maintains optimal ease of print, which turn to a superior final product.”

“As CRP Technology, we always look toward the future not just for our company, but for those sectors where the demand for high-value and high-performance parts is fast growing” Cevolini states. “Windform® RS is an astounding advancement in engineered materials, offering a unique opportunity with the durability, strength and flexibility needed for a wide range of additive manufacturing applications.

Indeed, Windform® RS is suited for tough, intricate and complex 3D printed PBF parts, robust functional prototypes and heavy-duty end-use applications withstanding harsh environments.

Windform® RS is ideal for custom production, preseries parts and mission-critical components for the most demanding industry such as Aerospace, Military, Robotics, Motorsports, Automotive and Marine.

Source: CRP Technology

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