Airbus APWorks Purchases First MetalFAB1 System and Embarks the Additive Industries Beta Programme

  • Dutch 3D metal printing start-up lands launching customer

Airbus APWorks, a 100 % subsidiary of the Airbus Group, has placed an order with Additive Industries for their first industrial 3D metal printing system, MetalFAB1. Airbus APWorks is the first confirmed Beta customer for Additive Industries and brings a broad range of experience with metal additive manufacturing. They cover the entire value chain, from optimizing component design to the choice of suitable materials, from prototyping to qualified serial production. Airbus APWorks supplies demanding customers in robotics, mechanical engineering, automotive, medical technology and aerospace.

MetalFAB1 6 module version (Photo courtesy of Bart van Overbeeke, © Additive Industries)

MetalFAB1 6 module version (Photo courtesy of Bart van Overbeeke, © Additive Industries)

‘We are proud to team up with Airbus as our first customer to further develop the process, new materials and applications as well as verifying the performance of the MetalFAB1 system. Their commitment emphasizes the potential of our new metal additive manufacturing system for industrial series production of functional parts’, said Daan Kersten, co-founder and CEO of Additive Industries. ‘With the integrated MetalFAB1 solution, we believe to be able to simultaneously improve the product consistency and lower the cost price for metal additive manufacturing’, adds Joachim Zettler, Managing Director of Airbus APWorks.

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