Airbus Group Subsidiary, APWorks, Takes Delivery of its First MetalFAB1 System and Starts Industrial Series Production

  •  APWorks is participating in a beta programme of production trials aimed at putting Additive Industries’ MetalFAB1 system to the test

Taufkirchen (D)/Eindhoven (NL), April 21, 2016 – Additive Industries has handed over its first industrial 3D metal printing system, MetalFAB1, to Airbus APWorks, a 100 % subsidiary of Airbus Group. APWorks will start testing the integrated system and corresponding Additive World software platform for series production of industrial parts for its customers in robotics, mechanical engineering, automotive, medical technology and aerospace. As part of the MetalFAB1 Beta programme, APWorks will thoroughly evaluate the processes and applications for multiple materials simultaneously to officially validate and certify the process for the most critical parts.

“Today we are taking an important leap forward in industrialising metal additive manufacturing technology. This will substantially improve part reproducibility and reduce the total cost of 3D printed parts,” said Joachim Zettler, Managing Director of APWorks. “For Additive Industries this 1st shipment is an important milestone,” adds Daan Kersten, co-founder and CEO of Additive Industries. “Following the smooth installation and successful completion of the site acceptance tests at APWorks, we can now start our beta test phase as a preliminary step to ramping up for series production of the MetalFAB1 system.”

MetalFAB1 6 module version (Photo courtesy of Bart van Overbeeke, © Additive Industries)

MetalFAB1 6 module version (Photo courtesy of Bart van Overbeeke, © Additive Industries)

Additive Industries b.v.
Leidingstraat 27, NL 5617 AJ Eindhoven, The Netherlands
P.O. Box 30160, NL 5600 GA Eindhoven, The Netherlands

About Additive Industries
Additive Industries is dedicated to bringing metal additive manufacturing for functional parts from lab to fab by offering a modular 3D printing system and seamlessly integrated information platform to high-end and demanding industrial markets. With substantially improved reproducibility, productivity, and flexibility, Additive Industries redefines the business case for additive manufacturing applications in aerospace, automotive, medical technology and high-tech equipment.

Airbus APWorks GmbH
81663 Munich – Germany

About Airbus APWorks
As a 100 % subsidiary of the Airbus Group, APWorks is familiar with modern production processes, and makes proven aerospace technologies accessible in many different industries. In metallic 3D printing or additive manufacturing they cover the entire value chain, from optimized component design to the choice of suitable materials, from prototyping to qualified serial production. Their customers in robotics, mechanical engineering, automotive, medical technology and aerospace benefit from all the advantages that additive manufacture has to offer – the shortest possible production times, lower weight and lower materials consumption. 3D printing also allows much more complex geometries than were previously possible. In addition to additive manufacturing, APWorks markets innovative projects and technologies from Airbus Group Innovations.

Source: Additive Industries



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