ORLAS CREATOR Opens Up New Opportunities for Dental Market

  • With the introduction of its new, accessible direct metal additive manufacturing system, OR LASER believes that the dental industry will benefit hugely from the price/performance ratio of the ORLAS CREATOR

Dieburg, Germany; 30th January, 2017: The dental industry has long been a beneficiary of 3D printing with polymers for both direct and indirect production applications. More recently, the dental market has also proved to be a prime target for metal additive manufacturing. However, key barriers to adoption of metal AM within this sector is that many of the commercially available hardware systems operate within a large footprint, are not very intuitive or easy to operate, and, last but certainly not least, they are too expensive for many dental laboratories to justify bringing in-house.

With the introduction of its new — and accessible — metaladditive manufacturing (AM) system, the ORLAS CREATOR, OR LASER believes it offers dental laboratories an economical solution to enable its clients to benefit from the advantages of metal AM.

Photo courtesy of O.R. Lasertechnologie GmbH

Photo courtesy of O.R. Lasertechnologie GmbH

Metal AM is a good fit for dental applications for a variety of reasons, most notably the ability to customize every solution to patient specific requirements, which improves fit, function and comfort for the patient. Further advantages include the fact that dental parts are invariably small and complex, which aligns perfectly with the typically small build envelopes of commercially available metal AM systems; utilizing AM simplifies and shortens the production process, ensuring patients are treated in much shorter time frames; the selective laser melting (SLM) process minimizes material consumption using only the material required for the part(s) being produced (plus support structures, where required). Compared with traditional dental production methodologies such as milling and lost wax casting, the time and cost savings are highly significant.

However, metal AM systems that are commercially available today require huge capital costs, which precludes many dental laboratories from considering the technology. This is one area where OR LASER believes it can make a big difference for many dental companies. The ORLAS CREATOR is a new system, from a trusted industrial hardware manufacturer, which utilises the SLM process and offers economically viable, direct metal AM without compromising speed, productivity or quality. Its unique circular build-platform design in combination with a proprietary, rotation-led precision coater blade ensures high quality production of metal dental parts with a 30% increase in build speeds.

The ORLAS CREATOR is an end to end AM solution that has been designed and developed specifically to break down many of the existing barriers to adoption for dental companies which include complex software, usability issues and long build times. The ORLAS CREATOR is ideally suited for the direct production of bridges, crowns, brackets, copings, and implants utilizing industry approved dental materials, such as Cobalt Chrome (CrCo). This material exhibits the right combination of hardness, corrosion protection and biocompatibility for dental applications.

Priced competitively, at less than half the cost of comparable machines on the market, the ORLAS CREATOR is a high-end, comprehensive AM solution that incorporates in-house developed software, innovative hardware and flexible process control combined to ensure that the system is both safe and easy to operate and manage in-house directly by dental companies.

Metal dental parts can be realized in as little as a few hours, produced directly from digital data captured from the patient — without the investment of time and money into casting. Part quality is facilitated by a high quality 250-watt fibre laser that provides exceptional beam quality and power stability and ensures optimum and consistent processing conditions in order to produce the specific, customised dental parts.

With a 19-year history in the field of lasers and quality machine production, OR Laser truly believes that the ORLAS CREATOR is a game changer for the dental industry. The ORLAS CREATOR was launched at Formnext in Frankfurt in November, and is due to start shipping Q2 2017.

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