Multimaterial 3D Printing Manufactures Complex Objects, Fast

Multinozzle printer can switch between multiple inks up to 50 times per second By Lindsay Brownell ( [email protected]) | Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University  (BOSTON) November 13, 2019 — 3D printers are revolutionizing manufacturing by allowing users to create any physical shape Read More »

Logo courtesy of Wyss Institute

Quantum Supremacy Milestone Harnesses ORNL Summit Supercomputer

By Scott Jones ([email protected]) | Oak Ridge National Laboratory | Communications OAK RIDGE, Tenn., Oct. 23, 2019 — A joint research team from Google Inc., NASA Ames Research Center, and the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory has demonstrated that a quantum computer can outperform Read More »

Image courtesy of ORNL