AM Solutions – Manufacturing Service Partner Implements a PostProcess Technologies Solution for Automated 3D Printed Metal Surface Finishing

The PostProcess™ DECI Duo™ Solution Complements Metal Surface Finishing Capabilities at AM Solutions – Manufacturing service partner February 25, 2021- PostProcess Technologies Inc., one of the leading providers of automated and intelligent post-printing solutions for industrial 3D printing, has announced the adoption of their automated Read More »

Image courtesy of PostProcess Technologies

AM Solutions – The Next Generation of the S1 Post Processing System from AM Solutions – 3D Post Processing Technology

More consistent results, higher efficiency and cleaner work pieces for the automatic de-powdering and cleaning of 3D printed components With its numerous technical features the latest generation of the S1 post processing system from AM Solutions – 3D post processing technology is setting new standards Read More »

Image courtesy of AM Solutions

AM Solutions – Post Processing of AM Components

Efficient and fully automatic finishing of internal passages Additive Manufacturing allows the integration of precisely placed internal cooling channels into components. With the focus on automated post processing — removal of residual powder and surface smoothing of these channels — the mechanical and chemical engineering Read More »

Image courtesy of AM Solutions